Top Tips for an Eggcellent Easter Hunt!

We don’t want you to get egg on your face this Easter so we’ve come up with some great ideas for your backyard egg hunt!

For many kids, your garden is a wonderland of fun and it can only get bigger and better with Easter on our doorstep. To start with, the Easter bunny has to arrive so you need to leave evidence! Put a couple of carrot chunks near the door for the kids to see when they set about their adventure. This will create excitement that the Easter Bunny really has left them treats!


Colour Code Your Eggs

If you have more than one child, you’ll know better than anyone else that the hunt can quickly escalate to World War 3 when the one sibling has more than the other. To solve this problem, colour code their eggs! Use the coloured foil to make it clear which colour each child has to collect – too easy and conveniently, there will be the same amount of each colour thanks to some clued up parents.

chocolate easter eggs in colorful foil

Make Riddles

For older kids, you could use riddles to help them find where the eggs are – get their brains ticking before they dive into a mountain of chocolate for the entire weekend!

“Perhaps near the blue lagoon
Is where the treasure lies,
Use your intelligence and your eyes
To find your hollow moon”
Answer: Silver wrapped egg hidden near the pool!

Cater to Adults

One for the adults: how about using hollow plastic eggs and filling them with vouchers/coupons for local restaurants and shops? You can watch your waistline and your back pocket all at the same time. Nominate a prize egg that contains a $50 gift voucher for the hunter that finds it. Of course, to be fair, you’ll have to nominate one person to hide the eggs. Keep them happy by laying out a spread of hot cross buns, mini Easter eggs and a nice cool drink and let the celebrations unwrap.

Have an eggcellent Easter everyone – we want to see you all indulging on chocolatey treats!

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