Top Ways You Never Knew Synthetic Grass Benefits You & Your Dog

dog in grass

We love our pets, and we know they love to be outside. Nobody wants Max the Terrier to spend most of his time in a “concrete jungle”, but let’s face it, a green lawn can sometimes be more work than it’s worth if it’s not artificial!

Almost every dog owner in the country has probably experienced the heartbreak when Max runs through the house leaving his muddy paw prints all across the polished floor boards. Natural grass might look good (at least to start with), but it doesn’t take long before you experience natural lawn hassles and/or you’re left with a patchy area of grass due to Max “doing his business”.

That’s where artificial lawn comes in handy. Max can run and roll to his heart’s content. And your heart will be pretty content too knowing that he’s not living in a cold, hard “concrete jungle” and your new patch of artificial lawn requires NO mowing, watering or fertilising … that means you can spend more time playing outdoors with Max! Win-win!

Synthetic grass has loads of great benefits for your yard (read here for just a few of them), but here are the main reasons why you and your four-legged friends will benefit from an artificial lawn.

It’s pet-friendly

Some dogs (and even cats), will often try to chew on grass and eat it if they have an upset tummy or just really like the taste (some do!). But then often, the moment they step inside they’ll vomit it back up as quickly as they gulped it down.

Artificial grass is lead free, and you won’t need any pesticides or fertiliser to keep it looking beautiful, meaning that if your dog does try and chew on it, you don’t need to worry about them picking up any nasty chemicals.

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Same, same – but different

We are surprised to find how many pet owners feel that artificial turf is just not an option for them. Some people are worried about how their furry friend will react to the new lawn surface. Truth is, it seems they can’t even tell the difference!

In our experience, we’ve found that cats and dogs treat it exactly as they do natural lawn. That’s right: the base of the artificial grass is specially designed to drain liquid (rain, pet urine, mop water etc) through it. Max doesn’t mind using artificial lawn to poop either – seems Max’s around the world aren’t at all fussy! It’s also super easy to clean up after – just like natural grass – if your dog does leave a little do-do, pick up as you normally would and, if you like, spray off with the garden hose. Best yet, the urine acid and nasties don’t affect the colour of the lawn. It’s been tried and tested!

Deters ticks & flees

Your dog can roll around as much as he likes on an artificial lawn and he won’t get dirty, so he’s not going to attract any nasties. Fleas won’t set up camp on your artificial turf either!

Goodbye spiky prickles

Forget the prickles that come along with natural lawn. Stepping on one of those bad boys can be painful! We’d hate to imagine how uncomfortable it would be rolling around in a prickle-filled natural lawn surface! This is not the case with fake grass which is soft and cushy.

No muddy paws

This is one of our favourite benefits of having artificial turf – your dog can run up and down and around and around without all the dirt and mud that comes along with the natural grass, or no grass options! Dog owners rejoice – no more muddy paws after playing on the lawn. And we all know what that means – no dirt in your hallway as he traipses back inside.

(On a side note, this is also why artificial grass is perfect for children too, no muddy shoes on the couch!)

Dogs love the feel!

Last but not least, dogs and cats absolutely love the feel of synthetic grass. When our Aussie sun is shining down and the last blade of natural grass has well and truly sizzled away at the neighbour’s places, homes with artificial grass have gloriously green lawn to brag about, and Max the Terrier at no. 19 is one happy chappy. Gloriously green lawn vs. a dusty, sun-dried patch… I know what I’d prefer!

It’s soft and plush so our furry friends can roll and lounge around on it all day without getting scratched or scorched like they would on concrete. You’ll love the feel too!

dog in grass
Ready to Renovate?

If you’re tempted by the idea of a no-fuss, pet-friendly, evergreen lawn for your backyard, check out our other resources:


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