Unique Ways to Dress Up Your Concrete Floor with Artificial Grass

At Australian Outdoor Living, we’re very big on getting creative with your outdoor design ideas and putting a bit of a twist on some classic ideas.

Artificial grass is one of the best outdoor products to play with and there are some interesting ways to use it around your yard. Artificial turf doesn’t just need to replace your normal lawn; it can do some amazing things to your space when used on or in combination with concrete.

Concrete is hardly an inspiring outdoor surface, unless you’ve polished it to a shiny, industrial look. It can be drab, dull, and lifeless. But you don’t need to keep it that way.

Today, after some enjoyable hours trawling our favourite inspiration sites Pinterest and Houzz, we’ve put together some of the most eye-catching uses for artificial turf we could find!

Wall art and carpetImage via Pinterest

We love the way this artificial turf has been cut into circles and used as wall greenery as well as a cute rug to soften the seating space. We’re also a bit obsessed with the metallic tree- shaped benches!

 tetris tilesImage via Pinterest

The geometric design of this outdoor patio is a fresh way to use artificial grass as pavers or tiles, adding a bit of colour and a soft edge to what could otherwise be a cold and harsh space. Clearly a lot of thought and design time has gone into getting this flooring together, but we think the mix of colours and shades make this Tetris-inspired patio super original.

 Artificial grass rugImage via Pinterest

A small piece of artificial lawn makes an excellent outdoor rug. The green tones in the couch and decorations (check out the cushions covered with synthetic grass!) along with the rug allows the outside space and the verandah area to flow into one another beautifully.

artificial grass paver groutingImage via Pinterest

Another example of artificial grass being used in combination with traditional pavers, but this time instead of replacing tiles it serves as the grouting for a really cool geometric pattern that catches the eye, breaking up a huge space of tiles and adding a point of interest.

 artificial grass modern rugImage via Houzz

This is one of our favourite non-traditional uses of artificial grass. The grass is cut as a modern outdoor rug, and looks swish with the white ceramic bubble chairs. This setting stands out in what looks to be a classical-styled home, and give a real contemporary, but fitting, twist to the space!

artificial grass raised platformsImage via Houzz

We love how the designers have played with shape, colour and texture in this example of creative artificial grass design. The raised platforms bring a whole new life to the gravel pathway and lead out beautifully onto the full lawn.

artificial grass chess boardImage via Houzz

So this one is not quite on concrete, but it’s pretty awesome either way, with the turf highlighting the play area of this giant chess board. The only word that comes to mind here is sophisticated!

 artificial grass chairsImage via Houzz

This design isn’t necessarily concrete either, but we still think it’s original and unique to use strips of soft, lush artificial turf over outdoor lounge chairs! We also love the pink-painted tree trunks in the background – an interesting design to say the least!

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