Three benefits of installing artificial lawn this winter

Three benefits of installing artificial lawn this winter

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Here’s why you should consider installing artificial lawn this winter.

There’s no doubt that winter has well and truly arrived. The days are shorter, the temperature has dropped and the rain has started to fall.

Winter can also be a time when we don’t get to spend as much time out in our backyard because of the miserable weather that comes with it.

Heavy rainfall can leave puddles everywhere which then can become mud, and the lawn begins to grow like crazy, making your backyard look untidy. 

The good news is that it’s not just you. In fact, most of us find it harder to maintain our natural lawn during the cooler months.

The last thing you want to do when you get home from work in winter is go out in the cold and mow the lawn. To make matters worse, the night sky has usually set in by the time you get home, meaning you’ll have to contend with the dark as well.

That’s where a synthetic lawn form Australian Outdoor Living comes in. Our artificial lawn can minimise the time you spend maintaining your lawn this winter.

Less time spent maintaining your lawn means more time spent making the most of those sunny winter days when they come around.

Installing artificial grass also means that children and pets won’t bring mud through the house! Best of all, it looks good all year round. no matter the weather.

Winter is coming: 3 benefits of installing synthetic lawn this winter - The range, Australian Outdoor Living.
Consider installing synthetic lawn this winter.

The range

Australian Outdoor Living’s range of artificial lawn consists of four types: Fairway, Augusta, Savannah Broad Leaf and Multisport.

The Fairway range is very realistic, has a short pile height and is specifically suited for areas with high traffic. The Augusta has a taller pile height and has brown curly thatching to make it impressively realistic.

The Savannah Broad Leaf range features a wider blade of grass which is designed to be similar looking to many Australian grasses, with its olive and brown curly thatching. It also boasts the highest pile height and density within our range.

Lastly, we have the Multisport range. It’s designed for high amounts of traffic, making it perfect for those with an active family.

It’s great for most sports that you might play in your backyard and can also be adapted for commercial use.

No matter which type of lawn you choose, installing synthetic turf comes with three main benefits: it doesn’t require maintenance, it stays mud-free and it’s totally realistic!

Winter is Coming: 3 benefits of installing Synthetic lawn this Winter - No Maintenance, Australian Outdoor Living.
Minimise lawn maintenance this winter with artificial lawn.

You don’t need to maintain artificial lawn

With winter comes rain, and when the rain begins to fall the lawn generally starts to grow out of control.

The days are getting shorter and for most of us it’s almost dark by the time we are getting home from work, leaving no time to mow or maintain our lawns.

The last thing you want to be doing is going out in the cold at night to maintain your natural lawn.

Synthetic lawn, unlike natural grass, requires no maintenance – no mowing, no trimming, and no edging.

Artificial grass doesn’t grow, it simply retains its original height and continues to look great, no matter the season.

Winter is coming: 3 benefits of installing Synthetic Lawn this winter - No mud, Australian Outdoor Living.
There’s no mud with synthetic lawn.

Artificial lawn stays mud-free

Real grass can get soiled and muddy during heavy rains. There’s nothing worse when kids and pets go out on the lawn after it’s been raining and bring mud all through the house.

Artificial lawn stays clean even in wet weather, and the water drains away through a multi-layered drainage system. Having this drainage means that even in heavy rains, synthetic lawn remains fairly dry.

Winter is Coming: 3 benefits of Installing Synthetic lawn this winter - Synthetic lawn looks good, Australian Outdoor Living.
Artificial grass stays mud-free.

It’s designed to look just like the real thing

Artificial grass is designed to resemble the popular Australian Buffalo grass. With brown and olive curly thatching peppered throughout the thick green blades, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s the real thing.

It’s just as soft and comfortable underfoot as its natural counterpart, but it comes without any of the maintenance of natural lawn.

Artificial grass looks great in any backyard, making it perfect for anyone who wants to live a more low maintenance lifestyle.

If you’re interested in a backyard that doesn’t require any maintenance, stays neat and tidy all year round and resemble classic native Australian grass, contact us for a free measure and quote today.

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