Your 5-Step Guide to Throwing a Garden Party Charity Event

Throw your own garden party charity event 

Throwing a garden party is fun!

The best events are held in the company of the ones we love.

But while life can be smooth sailing, it’s easy to forget those less fortunate than us.

At Australian Outdoor Living, we think gratitude has done its time.

Generosity is the latest buzzword.

And there’s no better way to dig deep, be generous and raise money for charity than by throwing your very own garden party event.

We’ve put together a 5-step party guide to cover the most important aspects when you decide to be a little philanthropic.

1. Choose which charity you want to give to

Ultimately, the charity you choose will set the mood of your garden party charity event.

If you decide to raise money for kids in need, then the event can be fun and frivolous.

But if war-torn communities are your chosen beneficiaries, a more formal, reflective affair would be more suitable.

These days there are so many reputable organisations in need of extra funds.

A lot of the larger charitable organisations have flashy advertising, billboards and big name celebrities shouting their name to the masses.

As a result, it’s easy for local groups to be overlooked.

If you are unsure which charity you’d like to raise money for, think about the people close to you and in your local community.

Do you know somebody who has been affected by sickness, disaster or poverty?

Throw a garden charity event in their name.

That way you can see exactly where the money you raise goes.

2. Choose what type of event you wish to hold

What type of party takes your fancy?

A formal ball, with gowns and outdoors candelabra.

Or perhaps a casual morning tea, with fresh scones, jam and thick cream?

The type of event you choose to hold will set the scope of the task at hand.

If you’re up to the challenge, think big and throw a DIY charity ball.

But if calm and casual is more your thing, stick to a smaller gathering with close friends and family.

If you ask us at Australian Outdoor Living, we think that the backyard garden is the ultimate setting for a high tea, morning tea or afternoon tea-style event.

Save yourself the stress of putting together a grand feast, and supply your guests with simple, tasty finger food and miniature sweet treats.

Set a grand table with an assortment of delicious food and put your guests at ease by clustering comfy seats about your yard.

Oh, and be sure to set the dress code as smart-casual.

There’s simply no need for high heels or a fancy frock at this trendy backyard afternoon event.

3. Remember the small details

It’s the tiny touches and intricate details that make the all the difference at any party or event.

Make your guests feel welcome, special and involved with these creative, personalised party ideas:

Personalised champagne glasses: A delicate detail inspired by the VIP life, personalised name tags to loop onto the stems of your guests’ champagne glasses is both a practical and special touch.

Print your guest names onto sturdy coloured card.

You might then choose to decorate them with jewels and glitter, or keep them plain with a simple and sophisticated style.

Attach fine wire and loop it around the stems of each champagne glass.

Greet your guests when they arrive with a personalized glass brimming with bubbles.

A party favour to take home: Make your event one to remember by giving your guests a piece of the party to take home.

A personalized party favour is a sure-fire way to make your guests feel extra special and involved.

There is no need to spend a fortune. Handmade gifts, such as chocolate truffles, bath bombs or lollies are a super special and budget-friendly gift idea.

Or, why not give your guests a party scroll, with a thought-through, heartfelt thank you note?

4. Gather the troops

Your 5-Step Guide to Throwing a Garden Party Charity Event - Throw your own Garden Party Charity Event, Australian Outdoor Living.
Throw your own garden party charity event.

Photo Credit: kenyee via Compfight cc

There’s something special about a charity event.

It brings people together in a way like no other, uniting friends and strangers through goodwill and love.

And when it comes to throwing your own charitable gathering you should take the opportunity to gather the troops and form your very own ‘event army’.

Many hands make for light work.

Or in the case of throwing a party, many hands make for a great party!

Once you have decided what type of event to hold and which charity you would like to give to, it’s time to get the word out there!

Tell your friends and family, let them know what it’s about and request a helping hand.

At Australian Outdoor Living, we say the more the merrier!

Once you’ve garnered your troops, it’s time to delegate.

Keep in mind that it takes all sorts to put together a successful party. Different tasks are suited to different personalities.

If you have a rellie with a creative streak, decorations will be their thing.

And we all have a Masterchef-worthy friend; put them in charge of the kitchen.

5. Raise some funds

Excuse us for pointing out the blatantly obvious, but the primary purpose of a charity event is to raise money for others in need.

Party planners can often find it awkward, or just a little too straightforward asking their guests for money.

The trick is to make the money-making part of your event easy.

Here are some creative ideas to put the charity in your backyard garden party.

Ticketed event: Make it a ticketed event.

Charge your guests a fee when they purchase their ticket.

You will probably find your friends are all too happy to pay a small fee in exchange for a fun night and glass of bubbly.

An auction: When you are organising your charity event, ask your guests whether they might donate a gift, service or experience to be auctioned.

The highest bidder wins the prize, with all proceeds going to your charity.

So, do we have you inspired?

Will the next party you plan be in the name of charity?

Let us know on the Australian Outdoor Living Facebook page.

Read here to learn about some of AOL’s charity work.

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