A helpful guide to buying a pergola or verandah

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We’ve put together a simple guide to help you with the process of buying a pergola or verandah.

pergola or verandah can be a great addition to your home.

Pergolas and verandahs from Australian Outdoor Living are durable, versatile, stylish and practical, making them perfect for the modern lifestyle.

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to spend time outside in any weather, which is why installing a pergola or verandah is a must-do for any homeowner.

We understand that completely revamping your outdoor entertaining area is a big decision to make, but it can have a positive effect on both your home life and your social life.

Australian Outdoor Living has a great range of quality products, so installing a covered outdoor area to suit the style of your home is easier than ever.

A helpful guide to buying a pergola or verandah - A pergola can provide the perfect outdoor entertaining area, Australian Outdoor Living.
A pergola can provide the perfect outdoor entertaining area.

Are there different types of pergola and verandah?

Australian Outdoor Living offers a number of different styles of both structures. This means you won’t have any trouble finding a design that suits your home!

Here at Australian Outdoor Living, we offer five different pergola designs: the Gable, the Gazebo, the Flat, the Retreat, and the Open.

All five offer different benefits, so stay tuned while we take a deep dive into each design!

The Gable range

If you’re looking for a more traditionally designed patio or pergola, the Gable roof design is the one for you.

Gable pergolas are naturally light and airy. This means it will give your outdoor space an open feel that would be a perfect addition to any home.

They also allow for very good ventilation due to their pitched shape, as well as being able to shed water very easily.

In short, a Gable roof design is perfect if you’re looking for an open and inviting entertaining area.

The Gazebo range

The best way to make a statement when you’re entertaining outdoors is by installing a Gazebo.

It’ll give your space an incredibly elegant and distinctive appearance, as well as open up so many more options for your backyard.

Use it as a focal point for your garden as well as an outdoor dining space, shelter for your spa bath or even just a quiet place to sit and reflect.

A Gazebo really is the ‘cherry on top’ of your outdoor entertainment area. It would be perfect if you’re looking to enhance the other features in your backyard.

A helpful guide to buying a pergola or verandah - A gazebo will create the perfect spot for a picnic, Australian Outdoor Living.
A gazebo will create the perfect spot for a picnic.

The Flat range

If you’re looking for a more minimalist style outdoor entertaining area, our Flat design is for you.

Flat-roof designs are often the simplest option, and are usually pretty cost-effective compared to other designs.

One thing to consider is that the Flat design can become hotter during the warmer months, meaning you might need to look into insulated roof panels.

Flat-roofed pergolas are beautiful by themselves, but did you know you can also pair them with a Gable design? That would be the best of both worlds!

The Retreat range

Australian Outdoor Living’s Retreat range is the ultimate in contemporary outdoor living.

The sloped roof allows for a more open and airy feel. The insulated roofing means you can enjoy your outdoor entertaining area both night and day.

For an even more extravagant entertaining area, combine other features of your backyard with your custom-built Retreat.

Build a Retreat pergola over your pool, spa and timber decking and create the ultimate space for you and your family.

Our Retreat designs are spacious, strong and luxurious. They’re perfect for an outdoor entertaining area that aims to be inviting as well as practical.

The Open range

This classic European design will doesn’t require any council approval. This means you can create a statement piece in your backyard in very little time.

The Open range allows you to bask in the sunlight while the elements shine through, making it the perfect place to entertain friends on a nice summer afternoon.

Should I use timber or steel?

Australian Outdoor Living can build pergolas and verandahs in both timber and steel, but it depends on which state you live in.

For information on what materials your local branch offers, please feel free to get in touch via Facebook or our contact page.

In the meantime, you can get a full rundown of the benefits of both timber and steel here.

A helpful guide to buying a pergola or verandah - A timber pergola will make your outdoor entertaining area warmer and more inviting, Australian Outdoor Living.
A timber pergola will make your outdoor entertaining area warmer and more inviting.

What are the benefits of a pergola or verandah?

Installing a pergola or verandah in your home comes with a number of benefits. These will help to increase the value and functionality of your property.

Stay in the shade

During the summer months, it can be tough to find somewhere to relax outdoors. The sun can make it difficult to find a comfortable spot to spend an extended amount of time.

Luckily, a pergola or verandah can provide ample space to relax on a hot day. Consider investing in a patio fan as well, for that added cooling element!

Entertain in style

A pergola or verandah also gives you the ability to entertain friends and family in style. Who doesn’t love having a meal outside on a nice evening?

Fire up the BBQ, put the cricket on the TV and enjoy a great night with mates under your Australian Outdoor Living pergola!

Weather protection

The main benefit of a pergola is the protection it provides from the weather.

We mentioned earlier that it works well as a shade covering, but it also does a great job protecting you from rain!

With a pergola or verandah from Australian Outdoor Living, you’ll never worry about the weather again.

A helpful guide to buying a pergola or verandah - There's nothing quite like a pergola from Australian Outdoor Living, Australian Outdoor Living.
There’s nothing quite like a pergola from Australian Outdoor Living.

Huge savings

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