5 Advantages of Artificial Lawn

5 Advantages of Artificial Lawn

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Artificial lawn is a low maintenance lawn alternative to suit any home. Aside from always looking green and manicured, there are many benefits to installing it. Designed to look natural, but without the burden of dedicating your weekends to its maintenance, artificial lawn is a great option for families wanting to spend more time together in their backyard. Read on to discover the advantages of artificial lawn for your backyard.

1. Low maintenance

One big advantages of artificial lawn unlike natural lawns is, there is no mowing, edging, or fertilising when it comes to maintaining your artificial lawn. By installing artificial lawn, you will save money in the long run as your water usage will decrease and you will no longer need to purchase lawn upkeep products, including expensive equipment. You won’t need to worry about watering it twice a day in summer and it will never look untidy or overgrown.

Low maintenance Artificial Lawn

Best of all, the time you save maintaining your lawn can be spent with family and friends enjoying your backyard.

2. Child & pet friendly

It’s completely safe for both children and pets to play on artificial lawns. Unlike natural lawn, artificial grass doesn’t require any harsh chemicals for its upkeep, including the use of weed killer, pesticides or fertiliser. The synthetic lawn materials are also not composed of any chemicals or heavy metals containing allergens and carcinogens which can be harmful to you, your family and your pets.

Child and pet friendly Artificial Lawn

Dogs can ‘go to the bathroom’ as they normally would on natural grass, simply pick up their business as needed and rinse the spot with a garden hose. Our range of artificial lawn includes a multi-layered drainage system, helping water to drain efficiently rather than puddling on the lawn. Muddy footprints and pawprints are a thing of the past as puddles are not likely to form on your lawn. Rainy days don’t have to mean the end of playtime, as artificial lawn can be used shortly after wet weather thanks to drainage system.

3. Durability

Advantages of artificial lawn include it’s characteristic of being made from highly durable materials. Artificial lawns can withstand heavy foot traffic as well as regular wear and tear for many years to come. Natural lawn, however, can become sparse, especially if young children or dogs are regularly playing in one area or digging up dirt. Once it begins to die or become patchy, it’s extremely difficult, and often expensive to bring it back to looking its best. To keep your artificial lawn looking brand new, a quick brush with an outdoor broom can do the trick and it’s a lot less strenuous than mowing the lawn.

Durable Artificial Lawn

4. UV resistant & fade protection

Natural lawn can vary in colouring throughout the year which is why artificial lawn is a popular choice – it remains green all year-round. Your lawn will remain green as the synthetic materials are designed to endure Australia’s harsh summer climate. Our range of artificial lawn is UV and fade resistant, meaning the bristles won’t disintegrate and the colour of the grass blades will remain the same throughout all seasons. To give you peace of mind, our range of artificial lawns come with up to 7 years of warranty.

UV resistant & fade protection Artificial Lawn

5. Choices to suit your lifestyle

The main culprits of hay fever are rye grass and dust which are nearly impossible to control. There are minimal weeds and dust with artificial lawn, meaning less allergens for you and your family to combat throughout the spring season. No chemicals are required for artificial lawn maintenance, so its surface will also remain allergen free for your family.

Artificial Lawn to suit your lifestyle

Your lifestyle is a contributing factor when it comes to choosing a type of artificial lawn for your home. There is a Multisport lawn option for a very active family where backyard cricket, lawn bowls or mini golf are played regularly. If your backyard has a lot of foot traffic or pets running around, our Fairway range is your best option as it has been specifically designed for playgrounds. A more realistic looking option is the Augusta range, with a mixture of green, olive and brown bristles. The Savannah Broad Leaf range offers a wider bristle and a thicker density, making it incredibly soft underfoot so you and your kids can play in the backyard all day.

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