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Artificial Lawn FAQs, Answered By The Experts

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Get all the answers from the experts on artificial lawn

Fake grass… synthetic grass… astroturf… no matter what you call it, choosing to install artificial lawn is a life changing decision.

At Australian Outdoor Living, we’re familiar with all the questions you might have.

To ensure you’re a little more informed when making all-important landscaping choices, we compiled our top artificial lawn FAQs and sat down to chat with our expert team to get all of your questions answered.

Artificial Lawn FAQs, Answered By The Experts - Get all the answers by the experts on Artificial Lawn, Australian Outdoor Living.
Artificial Lawn FAQs, answered by the experts.

Where can artificial lawn be installed?

Practically anywhere!

All you need is a surface with a porous base for water drainage or a cement or paved area which has been cleaned and prepped.

Here are just a few ideas you can explore further:

Can I install artificial lawn myself?

In short – yes.

However, as you are making a permanent change to the home we recommend homeowners and investors arrange to have all work carried out professionally by trusted tradesmen.

This will ensure you get the perfect results you were hoping for.

Does It stand up to the test of rough child’s play?


Our artificial turf has an advantage over real lawn as the latex infill acts as padding.

Plus you won’t have to contend with the kids trudging muddy or sandy footprints into the house.

That said, if rough play does disturb the infill, it can be easily restored by brushing the lawn with a stiff bristle yard broom.

Artificial Lawn FAQs, Answered By The Experts - Artificial lawns are pet and child friendly, Australian Outdoor Living.
Artificial lawns are pet and child friendly.

Is artificial lawn pet-friendly?

Our complete range of artificial lawn is built to withstand all the elements…and your furry friends.

As it looks and feels like real grass it’s soft for your pets to lay and play on.

No matter which synthetic grass you pick, our lawn is resilient and will not fade from harsh urine acid.

You can simply hose off the urine and pick up after your pets as you normally would.

If you want to know even more, read our comprehensive post on artificial lawn for your pets.

How is artificial lawn maintained?

Our range of artificial lawn requires minimal maintenance which means you get back time so you can do the things you love.

To keep it looking top notch, simply rake it using a lightweight plastic fan style rake or a strong bristled broom to help remove leaves or debris in your lawn.

After that, a quick squirt with a garden hose will help keep the lawn bristles looking clean and new.

As with all of our products, our friendly consultants will provide you with proper instructions and training on how to best maintain your lawn.

What kind of warranty does Australian Outdoor Living offer?

  • 12 MONTH labour*
  • 5 YEARS on Fairway Range
  • 7 YEARS on Augusta Range and Savannah Broad Leaf Range
    All repairs during the warranty period must be carried out by a qualified Australian Outdoor Living representative. Any tampering with the product could result in your warranty becoming void.*Australian Outdoor Living guarantees do not preclude any obligations to respective state building legislation or statutory warranty.

Who will I be dealing with at Australian Outdoor Living?

You will mostly deal with the Australian Outdoor Living Production Manager for artificial grass.

They will be familiar with your requirements and the details of your installation and are only a call or email away should you have any questions.

The Production Manager will be in contact with you to arrange a convenient time for a check measure.

This is when our installers come out and double check measurements taken down by the original consultant to ensure everything is perfect for the day of your installation.

We will then call to set an installation date which works for you.

Our Production Manager will work around your availability as best as possible to ensure the installation process is a breeze.

Who are your installers and production managers?

At Australian Outdoor Living, we take pride in our staff. We ensure we have the best for the job and that’s no different with our installers.

Our installers are experienced and fully qualified to give you peace of mind.

What sets Australian Outdoor Living’s installers aside from the typical tradesperson is the fact our installers are 100% committed to Australian Outdoor Living.

This helps us to help you.

We know where they are and when they’ll be there and can guarantee installation times as they are a part of the Australian Outdoor Living family and work with us – not for us.

Artificial Lawn FAQs, Answered By The Experts - Artificial lawn can be installed practically anywhere, Australian Outdoor Living.
Artificial lawn can be installed practically anywhere.

How much is artificial lawn?

Our artificial grass is hard to price up over the phone or on the spot. Guesstimates are just that – guesses – and so can be misleading.

There are many different factors which affect the end figure – the type of lawn you choose, work required and access to name a few – which is why the best, and most accurate, way for us to quote is for us to visit on site and measure up your chosen area.

It is, for this reason, we offer a FREE design, measure and quote.

It may cost you a cup of coffee, and an hour or so of your time, but this way you will know for certain everything has been covered!

We will send one of our friendly staff to pop around to your place and help you achieve the result you’re after.

They will also bring samples of the product and other components used for you to touch and feel.

Click here to learn why more people are turning to artificial grass.

Have another question about artificial grass lawns?

If your question isn’t included here, don’t worry.

We’ve got plenty of artificial turf resources to help you with your decision:

Australian Outdoor Living is passionate about helping people love their life outdoors. We offer a range of products, including:

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