How bistro blinds can help protect your home from the weather

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Outdoor bistro blinds offer many benefits, including weather protection for your home and outdoor entertaining area.

Installing bistro blinds in your home can be incredibly beneficial – not just for your social life, but for the health of your outdoor area as well.

Bistro blinds protect your outdoor space from the weather and prevent wind, rain, and harmful UV rays from damaging your outdoor furniture.

Best of all, because they protect you from the weather, you can entertain friends and family outdoors all year round!

Bistro blinds will protect your outdoor space from the worst of the weather.

What are bistro blinds?

Bistro blinds are transparent outdoor blinds that offer crisp, clear views while still protecting you from the worst of the weather.

Australian Outdoor Living’s custom-made bistro blinds are made with marine grade extruded PVC, which provides top of the line optical clarity, strength, and durability. It is also resistant to water and does a great job of protecting you from those harmful UV rays.

Extruded PVC is a single-film layer made from a semi-liquid resin that is pushed through rollers to achieve its required thickness. This process has been perfected at Australian Outdoor Living, which eliminates the need to push the resin through so many rollers and results in a better optical clarity.

How do bistro blinds work?

Wet weather can have a seriously negative effect on your outdoor space. Dampness can rot wood and corrode metal, and if you’ve ever left your al fresco sofa cushions outside on a rainy day, you’ll have seen how mould can flourish.

It’s not just the wet, either. UV rays, the same ones we protect ourselves from with sunscreen, can fade colour on plastics and cotton. Intense heat can also split wood and weaken plastic.

Bistro blinds can protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Bistro blinds work by preventing the worst of the weather from reaching your outdoor entertaining area. When lowered, they block a significant amount of wind and rain from hitting your furniture. This not only protects it but also allows you to enjoy the outdoors for longer.

Australian Outdoor Living’s bistro blinds also provide a high level of UV protection. This will protect your outdoor furniture and prevent its colour from fading. They’re also made of a UV-resistant polymer, making them resistant to sun damage themselves.

We’ve designed our bistro blinds with the Australian climate in mind, ensuring they’ll protect you and your furniture from the weather for years to come.

Our range of bistro blinds

Here at Australia Outdoor Living, we offer two types of bistro blinds: Bella Crystal and Bella Bronze.

Our Bella Crystal range is a completely transparent PVC that provides clear and crisp views of the area outside the blinds.

The Bella Bronze is a similar transparent material, however comes with added benefit of being tinted. This allows an extra level of protection against both sun and UV rays.

Both of our styles of bistro blinds are exclusive to our Classic operating system.

If you’d like to know more about installing bistro blinds, check out our handy guide to outdoor blinds.

Bistro blinds can be a stylish and practical addition to your outdoor space.

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