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Increase the Value of Your Home with Aluminium Shutters

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Add to the value of your home with roller shutters 

Aluminium shutters serve a range of pragmatic purposes to boost the value of your home.

If you thought they were just there to block out the sun, you thought wrong!

Aluminium Shutters increase your home’s curb appeal, promise greater security and cut overall energy costs.

They enhance the privacy and versatility of your home, attracting many more potential buyers when it’s time to sell.

Here we have outlined just a few of the ways shutters enhance and add to the appeal of your home when you’re ready to put it on the market.

Roller shutters appeal to the cost-savvy home-buyer

First and foremost, aluminium shutters appeal to home-buyers who are on a budget!

Those with a family, or who are shopping with a bigger picture in mind will love the promise of a lower cost of living.

They provide added insulation from the summer heat and winter chill in your home, and can reduce up to 90% of the heat or cold transfer that usually happens through your windows.

With a regulated, comfortable indoors temperature come summer, winter, autumn or spring there will be no need to use the heating or cooling.

Let potential buyers know they can expect to turn off the heating and air conditioning and watch the digits on those electricity bills decline!

Increase the selling price of your home with roller shutters - Roller shutters can appeal to the cost savy buyer, Australian Outdoor Living.
Roller shutters can appeal to the cost savy buyer!

Roller shutters for the environmental home owner

Aluminium shutters appeal to the home-buyer with a green thumb, or any eco-minded individual.

The environment and our impact on the Earth is an ever-increasing concern.

Today, home-buyers are shopping with their carbon footprint in mind and wish to make the world a greener and cleaner place.

Providing added insulation to your home, aluminium shutters reduce the need for heating and cooling devices.

This of course means less electricity usage and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

We think it’s a win/win/win! A win for the value of your home, a win for the home-buyer and a win for the Earth!

Aluminium shutters appeal to the security-conscious home-buyer

Deter those sneaking thieves from contemplating the wealth inside your home with roller shutters!

They’ll take one look at the steeliness and strength of your shutters and give your home up as too hard a job.

Also, keep in mind those who travel a lot will consider them a major advantage over other houses on the market.

They won’t need to install deadly looking bolts on every window or an unfriendly high security fence around their property.

Those jet-setting potential home-buyers can rest assured with the guarantee of greater security when they are interstate or overseas.

Increase the Value of Your Home with Roller Shutters - Outdoor blinds increase home value adding extra security, Australian Outdoor Living.
Roller shutters can appeal to the buyer who is after privacy.

Aluminium shutters appeal to home-buyers who like their peace and quiet – and their entertainment!

Roller shutters can block up to 100% of outdoor light and reduce external noise by up to 50%.

They work to create a sanctuary in the home, away from the prying eyes and rowdiness of neighbours or passers-by.

The Peace and Quiet Guarantee of shutters appeals to home-buyers who may have to work night shifts, or Mums and Dads who are desperate for their young kids (and thus themselves!) to sleep easy.

But here’s an added benefit of shutters that might not have occurred to you, and it’s one that can really boost the value of your home.

With aluminium shutters you have the ability to create a home theatre room!

People hate nothing more than the annoying glare of light through the window that can reflect in a television screen and ruin a movie viewing.

Not much better is the need to raise the volume astronomically to compete with the raucous party next door.

Roller shutters block out unwanted noise, stop that pesky light from seeping through and guarantee a cinema-quality movie experience that all the friends and family will want to exploit!

With shutters you can turn a dead-end room into one of the most desirable qualities of your home – oh and boost your home value in the process.

Aluminium shutter improve your house’s curb appeal

At Australian Outdoor Living, we offer a range of 15 different colours to match any style of home.

The addition of stylish shutters will only improve the look and character of your home, increasing its curb appeal and drawing in more potential buyers.

Aluminium shutters can appeal to you too!

Installing shutters shouldn’t just be about increasing the selling price of your home.

You too can enjoy all the added benefits of roller shutters long before it comes time to sell.

Whether you prefer the peace and quiet or want greater home security, or perhaps you are looking to reduce your electricity bills (or all of the above), shutters from Australian Outdoor Living are the perfect home improvement!

Ready to renovate?

Australian Outdoor Living is passionate about helping people love their life outdoors. We offer a range of products, including:

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