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5 Contemporary Outdoor Lighting Styles to add Sparkle to your Home

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Outdoor lighting styles that will add sparkle to your home

When it comes to lighting the interior of a property, we all have our preferences for how to go about it – some people like spotlights, while others like wall lights or small lamps.

In truth, there are so many options that we’d be here all year just listing them all!

Lighting the outside of your property is no different and a simple search on the internet will present a minefield of choices with no obvious starting point.

The great outdoors is a fantastic place to be, both during the day and at night and the Australian lifestyle allows us to enjoy our environment at all hours.

From gatherings and get-togethers, to barbeques and parties, having sufficient outdoor lighting in place can really enhance the overall atmosphere.

After all, nobody is a fan of partying in the dark!

The best things comes in small packages

Small spotlights can provide a tremendous amount of light for something so small, but you’ll often find that plenty are required to provide enough light for a larger area.

They are not bulky and do not stand out so it’s perfectly possible to light the garden and create an ambiance without too much effort.

If you have a deck, spotlights are a great way to create a border around the outside and also double-up as a safety measure for little ones.

5 Contemporary Outdoor Lighting Styles to add Sparkle to your Home - The Best Thing Come In Small Packages, Australian Outdoor Living.
The best things come in small packages.

Wall lights are also a great way to light an area from above.

Not only do they come in all shapes and sizes but some of these operate on motion sensors giving you peace of mind that any unwelcome visitors will think twice about visiting your home.

You can grab one of these for less than $50 so it won’t break the bank.

5 Contemporary Outdoor Lighting Styles To Add Sparkle To Your Home - Lights Are A Great Way To Light The Area From Above, Australian Outdoor Living.
Lights are a great way to light an area from above.

For something a little more statement, garden post lights can light the way to your garden, but remember that these will be there all year round so make sure they aren’t installed in a position where they might get in the way.

These outdoor lights are also perfect for driveways if your house is set back from the road.

Many of these lights come in a solar powered model saving you money on the ever rising energy bills.

Australia’s evening temperatures can vary throughout the year.

While it’s common for the mercury to drop to a level that requires jumpers on a summer’s night, it’s also possible that we can still be breaking a sweat come 9pm.

A great idea for those with an undercover area such as a pergola or verandah is to install a ceiling fan complete with light.

Kill two birds with one stone for a fraction of the cost.

Don’t forget to check the specifications to make sure it is safe to install outdoors.

Finally, an easy to install option is chaser lights.

There’s a great variety nowadays and most are energy efficient.

In the same way spotlights can be used to emphasize a deck, you’re guaranteed to create a relaxing atmosphere with subtle highlights around your outdoor area.

However you choose to light the outdoor areas at your place, you can be rest assured that you’ll be creating another area to rest and relax or entertain and party …and maybe enjoy the odd glass of wine or two!

Bring the indoors outdoors, extend the day and make the most of everything that the Australian great outdoors has to offer.

Click here to find our more information about pergolas.

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