Create the perfect outdoor entertaining area

Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Area

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You’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating an impressive backyard, so what better way to enjoy your outdoor space than to have your closest family and friends over to eat, drink and share good laughs. With just a few simple additions, you can create the ultimate go-to place for entertaining all year round, while also enhancing your outdoor living experience.

Here are some ways to create the perfect outdoor entertaining area so you can have fun-filled gatherings in your own backyard.

Entertain in all seasons

A pergola is the perfect way to extend your living space. This architectural feature creates a designated area to entertain, relax and make memories with loved ones. Adding a pergola to your deck or patio also helps to maximise your useable outdoor space; you can sit back and admire your backyard views in the airy and spacious atmosphere while being protected from the elements.

Simple pergola design

A pergola also enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor entertaining area. Ranging from simple to modern design like a timber or steel structure, you can choose a type to complement your home and its existing features. There are many pergola styles to choose from; opt for a gable design to suit your traditional home or a flat roofed design to achieve a modern, sleek look. Whatever design you go with, the added beauty and visual appeal will make your outdoor space look and feel more inviting.

Steel pergola

Other than its visual interest, a pergola provides essential shelter from the elements. Enjoy entertaining all year round and during anytime of day feeling safe, secure, and protected from the harsh sun or rain.

Once your pergola is installed, you can always add other features to enhance your outdoor entertaining experience. Consider purchasing comfy outdoor dining tables or lounges for extra comfort when dining or relaxing. Add lighting to entertain well into the night, or a fan for those warm summer evenings to keep your guests comfy. Climbing flowers or plants are other simple beautiful additions to help set the mood.

Create an extra room

Are you limited on space when hosting large groups in your home? Why not enclose your outdoor area with stylish outdoors blinds to create a cosy entertaining space. With the added living room, you can take your parties and gatherings outdoors, instead of being limited to your dining room.

create extra room with outdoor blinds

Due to their versatility, outdoor blinds allow you to utilise your outdoor space during any season. Whether it’s the glaring sun, heavy rain, or strong winds threatening to end your party, simply lower the blinds to block out the weather, so you can entertain comfortably any time of day. Outdoor blinds also protect you from bugs, flies, and other pesky insects, making BBQs more enjoyable for your guests.

Outdoor blinds offer more privacy

Outdoor blinds also offer more privacy for your entertaining space, without sacrificing the views. This makes for the perfect solution if your backyard is in the direct eyeline of your neighbours. Better yet, your outdoor area will also become a safe and cosy space to keep the kids occupied, while you entertain. Out of mind, but still in sight, you can let the kids play, while you entertain.

Classic Outdoor Blinds

The stylish addition of outdoor blinds can come in different colours, operation systems and materials. Whether you prefer something classic or want the latest technology, you can find an option to suit your lifestyle and match the aesthetic of your home.

Maximise your outdoor space with outdoor blinds

Seamless indoor outdoor flow

The addition of decking makes for the perfect place to entertain your family and friends. It’s a practical and effective way to create a seamless indoor-outdoor flow, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor space. Plus, the extra space and functionality gives you the ability to host larger gatherings and parties, rather than being restricted to your inside space.

Create a seamless indoor outdoor flow with decking

Decking also adds beauty and warmth to your backyard. The versatility of timber can perfectly complement both modern or more traditional style homes. With different colours and materials to choose from, you can find a decking design to perfectly suit your outdoor space.

Add beauty and warmth to your backyard with decking

Natural timber is the perfect option to achieve an authentic, traditional look. The deep, warm tones like Jarrah or Merbau contrasts beautifully against the greenery of your natural surrounds. For a more stylish and safer alternative, consider low-maintenance composite decking. Because it doesn’t splinter it’s a great choice for children to play on, and means you don’t have to spend time sanding, oiling or staining.

Composite decking

Due to its strength and durability, decking will last you for years to come – even with plenty of foot traffic from hosting gatherings with your nearest and dearest.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the place where waves of laughter, excited chatter and hushed tones of preparation can be heard. Parties often see people coming in and out of the kitchen, acting as a centre hub for the day of entertaining. However, creating such a lively ambiance with a few chairs and tables in an outdoor setting becomes a bit difficult.

Outdoor Kitchen

Though it is difficult, it is not impossible. If the kitchen is the heart of all the activity, why not take the kitchen outside? When it comes to entertaining, installing an outdoor kitchen can be a game-changer as it can instantly boost the atmosphere of your outdoor area. This way you can be with your guests from preparation to clean up. Also, you won’t have to run back inside your house for every minor demand from your guests when you have a kitchen at your arm’s length. Not only does an outdoor kitchen provide a great space for cooking and entertaining guests, but it also allows you to take advantage of the outdoors.

Outdoor Kitchens

Whether you are hosting a barbecue or a cocktail party, an outdoor kitchen will give your party an extra flair. And, if you have kids, an outdoor kitchen gives you the ability to keep an eye on them while you cook. They can play in the yard while you prepare the food, and then they can eat at the picnic table when it’s time to eat.

If you love entertaining, an outdoor kitchen is a must-have. It is a great way to take advantage of the outdoors and make your parties even more special. With an outdoor kitchen, you can have all of the fun of cooking and socialising without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

With these practical and aesthetics tips you can now start creating the perfect outdoor entertaining area. Let us help you transform your backyard into a place where you’ll love to spend time with your family and family in your personalised space.

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