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Dog Stars Of AOL Series : Daisy (Bullmastiff)

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Dog stars of AOL.

Dogs are well known for being a man’s best friend, and to many Australians an all-faithful companion through life.

At Australian Outdoor Living, we not only love the outdoors – we love dogs too!

It’s always great fun to watch how these furry friends play and frolic on our lush and green artificial lawns, enjoy a quick walk through our picturesque outdoor areas – or even splashing about in one of our pools.

That’s why we are doing a series of blogs focused around our “Dog Stars of AOL”.

These posts highlight the cute fluff balls from our AOL TV shoots. After all, every dog deserves a mention right?

And today’s star is …

Daisy the Bullmastiff!

Owner: Alex McConville – National Marketing Manager

What is a Bullmastiff you might ask?

Well, the Bullmastiff is a domestic, large sized dog, with a characteristically solid build and a short muzzle.

It shares the features of molosser dogs, and originally bred by 19th-century gamekeepers to guard estates.

This makes them natural guard dogs even though they are well-known for not barking and biting.

Dog Stars of AOL - Daisy (Bullmastiff) - Australian Outdoor Living
Daisy – Bullmastiff.

We recently had a visit from Daisy and she was such a friendly canine right from the outset!

She quickly made her way around the office, getting “love” from each of us.

There’s something heart-warming in watching a big dog snuggle up to you with it’s tail wagging excitedly.

Our team took an instant liking to Daisy, noticeable from the attention she got during her visit.

Of course, we always make our dog stars work a little while they visit.

So we took Daisy out on a tour of our beautifully set up Australian Outdoor Living display center – complete with our latest artificial lawns, pergolas, outdoor blinds and roller shutter displays.

Daisy loved every minute of it!

Especially the artificial grass turf display.

We’re telling ya… there’s a secret attraction going on between dogs and AOL’s artificial lawns!

They just love being on it!

PS. Daisy turned out to be somewhat camera shy.

See how she would look away from the lens…!

What stuck in my mind about Daisy is the way she sat on everyone’s feet.

Not “at” your feet. I’m talking “on”.

She literally sat “on” our feets!

Almost as if it was her way of saying she “approves” of you.

Lovely dog and lovely day, at Australian Outdoor Living!

Dog Stars of AOL - Daisy (Bullmastiff) - Australian Outdoor Living
Daisy loved having her belly scratched.

What we think of Daisy?

‘Daisy is our wonderful family dog.

Although she sheds, drools, eats toys, socks, sunglasses and even once her dog bowl, we can forgive her for she has the most relaxed and loving nature.

We couldn’t ask for a better dog as part of our family.

Although she was last in the queue when brains were handed out she was first in the queue for her heart!

We laughed when our daughter wanted to call such a strong fierce dog ‘Daisy’, but it turns out that the name suits her personality perfectly.’ – Alex McConville, National Marketing Manager.

“Don’t let her big and boisterous look fool you, Daisy is a friendly goof ball…the scariest thing about her is her drooling!

She is docile and dopey and just loves to be around humans!” – Alexandra, National Brand Manager.

“Daisy is a big softie at heart.

She loves sitting on people’s feet to trap them into giving her head scratches and cuddles.

She is welcome back at any time.” – Hannah, Social Media Specialist.

“Having Daisy around the office brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Although she may look big and scary, she’s a complete sook with a heart of gold.

I’m sure she loves coming in as we all like to fight for her attention!” – Holly, Graphic Designer.

“I felt very comfortable around Daisy as she was a friendly and social dog.

She seemed very comfortable in the office environment and around the people here which made her likable.” – Abbas, Digital Marketing Specialist

Dog Stars of AOL - Daisy (Bullmastiff) - Australian Outdoor Living
Daisy loved her time in the display center.

What do you think? 

Do you have a Bullmastiff yourself?

Or a dog that is like Daisy that loves to sit “on” your feet?

Comment on this post and let us know about your furry friend!

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