Spend more time outdoors with outdoor blinds

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A set of outdoor blinds will allow you to spend more time in your backyard this winter.

Australians love spending time outside, but often find themselves hiding inside from the weather. Luckily, a patio from Australian Outdoor Living can protect you from the weather while you enjoy the outdoors.

Here at AOL we believe that a set of outdoor blinds for your patio will complete your outdoor space.

These blinds will not only redefine your patio, but also change the way you use your outdoor space. They also have the potential to completely change your lifestyle!

Have you considered outdoor roller blinds for your patio - Add to your Already Ultimate Patio Area with a set of Outdoor Roller Blinds, Australian Outdoor Living.
Add to your patio area with a set of outdoor roller blinds.

A complete guide to outdoor roller blinds

Outdoor roller blinds for your patio are exterior blinds that allow you to enjoy your time outdoors all year round.

With winter on its way, there’s an increasing chance that a wet and cold afternoon can put a dampener on your plans.

Fortunately for you, that’s where Australian Outdoor Living comes in.

AOL’s outdoor café blinds are a practical way of protecting your patio from the elements without losing the view.

The Bella Crystal range is completely clear, yet still offers ample protection from UV rays, wind and rain.

They also offer great insulation meaning you can enjoy your time outdoors on even the coldest of days.

The Bella Bronze also offers the same benefits as the the Bella Crystal, however comes in a tinted finish.

Our outdoor blinds for your patio are also available in shade options: the Bella Vista and Bella Opaque.

The Bella Vista shade blinds let you enjoy your view from the comfort of the cool shade.

This range won’t be as good keeping out the rain, but it does offer increased privacy.

The Bella Opaque offers the highest level of privacy and blocks outs 99 per cent of UV rays. This guarantees protection from the sun.

Our Opaque range also offers a very high level of wind and water protection, as well as great insulation.

AOL’s outdoor roller blinds for your patio come in a choice of either the Classic or SmartTrack operating systems.


The Classic Series is the traditional method of operation, utilising a manually-operated crank that gives the user complete control of the tension of the blind.

When the blind is at the desired height, simply attach it to pre-installed hooks to increase the tension.


Our range of SmartTrack outdoor blinds is the latest in blinds innovation. Choose from a selection of three ways to operate your blinds.

Our SmartTrack range has a number of different benefits, all of which can be found here.

SmartTrack Connect even comes with Smart Home features that allow you to operate your outdoor blinds with voice control.

Create the ultimate entertaining area Outdoor Roller Blinds - Create the ultimate entertaining area with outdoor roller blinds, Australian Outdoor Living.
Create the ultimate entertaining area with outdoor roller blinds.

Create the ultimate entertaining area

Installing outdoor roller blinds on your patio will let you create the perfect winter relaxation area.

As Australians we love the great outdoors, so having an indoor area that transcends outdoors is something we can all enjoy.

A set of outdoor blinds on your patio provides a sheltered, cozy space to sip on something warm and seek refuge from the winter wind.

All you have to do is roll your blinds down and turn on the outdoor heater and you’ve got a warm and inviting outdoor room.

Your outdoor blinds will also protect you from the harsh rays of the sun and provide your outdoor area with some privacy from peeking passersby and nosy neighbors.

Protect your outdoor furniture

Outdoor blinds are also a great way to protect your patio furniture from the elements.

The harsh rays of the sun can do as much damage to your outdoor patio furniture as they do our skin. Sunlight loves to eat away at colour.

You’ve probably already seen faded seat cushions or discoloured wooden tables, both prime examples of what direct sunlight is capable of.

In fact, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause irreparable damage to your outdoor furniture.

It even has the potential to weaken the structural integrity of your outdoor furniture, especially if your pieces are made of plastic or wood.

Moisture caused by exposure to the rain can have a similar effect, so it’s important to take the appropriate steps to ensure your outdoor patio furniture is out of the elements.

That’s where a stylish and practical set of shade blinds comes in.

If you’re interested in creating an outdoor space in your home you can enjoy for hours on end, submit a request for a free measure and quote.

One of our friendly team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Australian Outdoor Living is passionate about helping people love their life outdoors. We offer a range of products, including:

Have you been thinking about renovating your home? Fill out the free measure and quote form at the top of this article and a member of our dedicated sales team will be in touch.


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