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Introducing Our New Range of Outdoor Blinds – Opaque Blinds

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Our Opaque blind features

At Australian Outdoor Living, we’re constantly looking to better ourselves by finding a greater range of quality products. When you’re looking at outdoor renovations, you have a good idea of what you want.

And now, we’re expanding our product range so you can find exactly what you had in mind. Introducing to you … our new Bella Vista Opaque Blinds!

Joining our Outdoor Blinds family, opaque blinds offer that bit extra escape from the sun on a sweltering hot summer’s day out. They’re tougher than café blinds, and even more private than our shade blind range.

So just what’s so great – and so unique – about our new opaque blind range?

Introducing Our New Range of Outdoor Blinds – Opaque Blinds, Australian Outdoor Living.
Introducing our new range of outdoor blinds – Opaque blinds.

Our Bella Vista Opaque Blinds offer some of the best quality for outdoor block-out blinds in the country. And here are just a few reasons why:


There’s nowhere quite like Australia when it comes to our climate. We enjoy blistering temperatures, strong winds, plenty of rain and agonising drought.

Bella Vista Opaque Blinds are tailored specifically to meet those heavy demands of the Aussie climate. Our sun beats the competition for strength – and if you want to escape it you’re going to need something that offers just that bit extra.

Enter opaque blinds. These blinds block out 98.9% – 99% of UV rays. Plus they provide a UV Protection Factor of 30+.

We can see the little cogs in your head turning now as you realise just why these blinds would be so great around your deck!

On those baking sun-drenched days, the kids can work themselves up into a frenzy pretty quickly if they’re shut up indoors.

But when the mercury’s ready to burst out the top of your thermometer it’s risky to let them outside; no amount of sunscreen is going to protect them on forty degree days.

And the mere thought of sitting them still long enough to slather the cream on, is enough to put you off altogether.

But with opaque outdoor blinds, you need only pull them down and the kids are free to hop, skip, and jump to their hearts’ delight without you needing to worry about any sunburn tantrums later on!

Quality material and design

Such a havoc-wreaking climate as we’ve already described can create plenty of wear and tear on any outdoor product. Keeping our location in mind is part and parcel of a fortified outdoor blind design.

Compared to our shade and café blind ranges, opaque blinds are made of a thicker material to ensure almost total sun blackout.

The Bella Vista Opaque Blinds come with a 2×2 weave, which means stronger and denser material than the competition.

Pull down your opaque blinds and you’ve practically created a whole new insulated room in your home. Our opaque outdoor blind material acts like a partition between you and the world so you’re totally secluded.

Just thinking about it makes us want to go outside with a cuppa to enjoy the birdsong in complete privacy.

Concerned about the impact these new blinds will have on your home’s existing architecture? You needn’t be.

These Bella Vista beauties come in five different colours to help blend your new addition into the surrounding features of your property.

Opaque outdoor blinds could transform your backyard space. Install these block-out blinds and you’ll find yourself venturing outside far more often to enjoy the fresh breeze without having to worry about turning into a tomato.

Introducing Our New Range of Outdoor Blinds – Opaque Blinds - Quality material and design, Australian Outdoor Living.
Quality material and design.

Ready to renovate?

As you can tell, we’re pretty excited about this new addition to our product range. If you’re considering adding opaque blinds – or any outdoor blinds – to your backyard, check out some of our other resources:

Read here to hear from some of our happy high profiled customers.

Australian Outdoor Living is passionate about helping people love their life outdoors. We offer a range of products, including:

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