Outdoor Blinds Adelaide - Artificial Grass Lawns - Ken Hinkley Testimonial

Ken Hinkley Chose AOL’s Outdoor Blinds & Artificial Lawn For Best On Ground!

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AOL’s outdoor blinds & artificial grass win best on ground!

Everyone knows Ken Hinkley as the senior coach of the Port Adelaide Football Club and a celebrated rebounding defender of the Geelong Football Club.

What people may not know is that Ken loves outdoor living, especially in his own backyard!

“We have fantastic weather here in Adelaide and I like to make the most of that!” he commented.

When not on the field coaching, Ken loves to kick back and relax with his family in his newly upgraded backyard – outfitted to his exact requirements by Australian Outdoor Living.

Ken reckons that “…sometimes it’s just nice to get away from everything and this new space provides some peace and quiet.”

Ken chose Australian Outdoor Living for the installation of its SmartTrack blinds series all weather outdoor blinds to create his backyard alfresco entertaining space.

He also went with one of Australian Outdoor Living’s wide selection of artificial lawns for his West Beach home.

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“We love to entertain, and so we went for the motion series outdoor blinds, which allows us to spend more time outside with friends.

It’s also great for my work with the football club as I can have people over anytime now.”

Australian Outdoor Living transformed his backyard into a cosy outdoor experience, sectionalising the space with the motion series blinds and revamping his lawn with one of Australian Outdoor Living’s premium artificial grass lawns.

BBQs, outdoor parties and chilling outdoors is now what Ken enjoys most when at home.

Outdoor Blinds Adelaide - Artificial Grass Lawns - Ken Hinkley Testimonial, Australian Outdoor Living.
Motion series outdoor blinds installation – Australian Outdoor Living.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with AOL’s work.

They were very professional and looked after me right from the start…worked quietly and I was amazed at the quality of their fittings and products.

I’d highly recommend AOL to anyone.

If you need outdoor home improvements, they are the people to go to!”

About Ken Hinkley.

Ken Hinkley is currently the senior coach of the Port Adelaide Football Club in the Australian Football League and a former player with the Geelong Football Club and Fitzroy Football Club.

After starting his league career as a forward at Fitzroy, Ken joined Geelong in 1988 and played his best football there as a rebounding defender.

In 1995, he retired from playing in the league and began a prestigious coaching career.

Some clubs he has coached include the Hampden Football League Club Mortlake, Camperdown, St Kilda and Bell Park.

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