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Your complete guide to window roller shutters

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Have you been thinking about installing window roller shutters but are unsure about where to start?

Here at Australian Outdoor Living we understand that not everyone enjoys home renovations, which is why we’ve come up with this comprehensive guide to installing window roller shutters at your place.

Why roller shutters?

First, let’s take a look at why installing window roller shutters could be an important addition to your home.


Australian weather ranges from one end of the spectrum to the other, and during the colder months we tend to find our homes don’t hold the heat quite as well as we thought.

Curtains and blinds don’t effectively insulate your home, and glass windows won’t provide much of a barrier against the cold.

Fortunately, window roller shutters are perfect for blocking out the weather because they’re able to hold in the heat and repel the cold air.

This insulation will dramatically reduce your winter heating bills, which will lower your cost of living during the cooler months.

Block out heat

Anyone who lives in Australia will tell you how unbearable the summers can be, especially when your home doesn’t have an efficient air conditioning system.

Since installing window roller shutters provides insulation against the cold, it makes sense they also act as a barrier against the heat.

This means you’ll need to use far less energy to keep your home at a comfortable temperature in the warmer months, which are usually the most expensive months of the year.

Noise and light reduction

Here at Australian Outdoor Living we use the thickest aluminium slats on the market, meaning our window roller shutters are great at controlling both light and noise.

You’re in complete control – you can darken even the brightest room by fully extending your shutters, or you can open them up and let the afternoon sun stream in.

Not only that, but our shutters are capable of reducing outside noise by about half – making them perfect for shift workers (or even those of us who enjoy the odd afternoon nap).


In what is quickly becoming their main selling point, window roller shutters are great at deterring criminals.

At first glance, window roller shutters look impenetrable, quickly casting doubt in the minds of any would-be burglars.

installing outdoor window roller shutters means peace of mind for you and your family when you have to leave your home unattended – be it a quick trip to the shops or a three-week holiday.

Installing roller shutters: a step-by-step process - Which Roller Shutters, Australian Outdoor Living.
Roller shutters are great for adding a level of security to your home.

Which roller shutters?

At Australian Outdoor Living we offer four different operating systems: the strap winch, the strap coiler, the remote control and the hard-wired switch.

The strap winch

The strap winch, or strap winder, is the most common operating system of the four. It features a handle that you can manually wind to raise or lower your shutters.

The installation process doesn’t require any invasive drilling, and it doesn’t require electricity to operate – a handy feature for when pesky power failures hit!

The strap coiler

Our strap coiler pulley system is ideal for small, awkward areas, so it’s perfect for bathroom windows.

Like the strap winch, this system doesn’t require electricity and can be operated via a manual winder.

Remote control

The remote control option conveniently allows you to roll your shutter up or down from anywhere in the room.

All you have to do point and click, you don’t even have to leave your seat!

Hard-wired switch

This option is more of a subtle inclusion in your home. We’ll install electric cables inside the wall to the switch, much like a light switch.

It’s just as convenient as the remote control, but there’s no danger of misplacing it!

Installing roller shutters: a step-by-step process - The process, Australian Outdoor Living.
Roller shutters will add value and style to your home.

The process

So now you know why installing window roller shutters is important and which ones might suit your needs, how do you go about getting them installed?

Book in a free measure and quote

The first step in any home renovation process with Australian Outdoor Living is getting a free measure and quote.

Once you’ve been in contact with us, one of our friendly staff members will take you through a presentation with the aim of making sure you understand all of the options available.

We’ll also measure your windows in order to determine which style best suits your needs, as well as take you through a range of different colour options based on your tastes.

When it comes to a quote, it’s important to remember that we can’t accurately advise how much installing your roller shutters will cost without going through all the variables with you first.

These variables include things such as which operating mechanism you’d prefer, your window size, if there is a current promotion or discount available and even whether or not you’re after a custom colour scheme to suit your home.


If, after the measure and quote you decide to go ahead with us, the next step in the process is the ‘check-measure’.

Our experts will check the measurements one last time and confirm the custom order specifications.

This is to ensure that the original measure is accurate – once we’ve confirmed the measure, we can begin the manufacturing process.

Unlike some other companies, we manufacture our roller shutters right here in South Australia, meaning they’re made using the highest quality materials to suit Australian conditions.

After your personalised window roller shutters have been made, we’ll get in contact with you to book a time to come out and install them.

The installation process usually takes about one hour per window – so if we’re doing your entire house it should only take about one day.

Overall, you’re looking at a total build time of roughly three to five weeks – from then on you’ll be enjoying reduced energy bills, extra security, and noise and light control at your fingertips.

Maintenance and aftercare for window roller shutters

One of the best parts about window roller shutters here at Australian Outdoor Living is their durability.

They require little to no maintenance – they pretty much look after themselves!

The mechanism inside the shutter doesn’t require any servicing, so the only thing you need to worry about is occasionally cleaning the shutters themselves.

Over time, dirt can start to build up on springs and rollers.

This eventually becomes abrasive, causing slat marks and indentations.

To help to prevent this from happening, give them a rinse with a garden hose or wipe them down with some light detergent – it’s that easy!

Of course, we understand that certain things are out of your control, that’s why we offer a warranty on all of our roller shutters.

Ask one of our friendly staff members about it during your free measure and quote!

Roller Shutters - A Step-by-Step Process, Australian Outdoor Living.

Australian Outdoor Living is passionate about helping people love their life outdoors. We offer a range of products, including:

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