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South Australia – the festival state, has so much to offer: world-class wine and food, stunning beaches, incredible wildlife and countless other majestic surroundings. There’s a perfect mix of adventure and tranquillity that encapsulates Adelaide and the remote South Australian landscape.

It’s a sure thing; South Australia makes for great outdoor living. Whether you live in the hub of Adelaide, the banks of the peaceful Murray River or the picturesque Limestone coast, chances are you love spending time outdoors!

Our Adelaide-based team of outdoor living experts would love to assist you with your unique project. Create the perfect outdoor oasis with our Classic and Motion Series blinds, roller shutters, artificial grass, pergolas, verandahs, carports and timber decking. Here at Australian Outdoor Living in Adelaide, we really do have all of your outdoor home improvement needs covered.

Do you like what you see?

Interested in one (or more!) of our quality outdoor products? At Australian Outdoor Living, all of our outdoor solutions are custom made to suit your particular specifications and needs. For this reason, we offer a free measure and quote service.

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Our Products

Outdoor Blinds

Upgrade your outdoor space with a set of custom-designed outdoor blinds or cafe blinds, made specifically to suit both your home and your needs. With our huge range of styles, you won’t have to compromise the style of your home to get a great set of exterior blinds

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters have been proven to act as a deterrent to potential theft. Australian Outdoor Living roller shutters have also been approved in certain conditions by CSIRO to be suitable protection against radiant heat and ember attacks from bushfires. Sleep easy, feeling safe and secure, with the addition of stylish and practical roller shutters from Australian Outdoor Living.

Patios, Pergolas & Verandahs

Create a harmonious living space through the seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. Enhance the style, value and functionality of your home with the addition of a beautiful pergola or verandah from Australian Outdoor Living.


Carports provide essential protection for cars, bikes and caravans against the harsh Australian elements. With a carefully planned carport – including a vast array of materials, colours and finishes to choose from – we can help you protect your assets the same way in which you protect yourself: with a roof overhead.

Timber Decking

A timber deck is the perfect addition for a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors. Timber decks are ideal for sloping blocks where a concrete or brick construction would be too expensive. They also offer a great alternative to pavers.



Australian Outdoor Living was born and bred in the great state of South Australia. We’re based here, so it’s no secret that we are very fond of this beautiful state we call home. After all, what’s not to love about South Australia? Boasting an accessible capital city, enviable beaches, world-renowned wine regions and some of the best food in the country, the Festival State truly is a great place to live.

Here at Australian Outdoor Living, we want you to have the best chance of enjoying the great outdoors in your own state, whether that be in your very own backyard or out and about exploring. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Living in South Australia for great outdoor adventure ideas, along with property and design trends to help you make the most out of your own outdoor space.

Download - South Australia Guide Book


Western Australia is a unique state. With outdoor living a huge part of the west coast lifestyle, we’ve put together The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Living in Western Australia. Find everything you need to make the most of a Western Australian Australia Day, and read up on how higher density living is changing the shape of our property landscape.

We’ve got a climate that nowhere else can compete with – perfect and mild, with the cold snap not really hitting until late May. And that means plenty of outdoor fun in the meantime. Our lucky combination of great weather and a community atmosphere fosters a casual, laid-back lifestyle here. It’s all about the beach-going. Our beaches are pristine, so we really want to make the most of them. Our shores are lined with BBQ hotspots and parks perfect for picnics. In fact, it’s all about outdoor dining here, with our best restaurant scenes lining our golden coast.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make the most of our wonderful bit of the great outdoors!

Download - Western Australia Guide Book


New South Wales is packed to the brim with gorgeous landscapes and stunning adventures for the ultimate outdoor wanderer!

There are so many opportunities to get outside and experience everything this beautiful state has to offer. Experience nature with one of the many walking trails and picturesque nature parks, or head into the city and enjoy a quiet coffee or meal. There’s so much to do, so get outdoors and experience it!

With so much to discover, we’ve taken the liberty of creating The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Living in New South Wales. This eBook is full of great outdoor ideas for the whole family, plus we take a look at property trends in the booming state.

Download - New South Wales Guide Book


Victoria is one of the most picturesque states in Australia, so it’s no surprise we want to be able to get outdoors and enjoy it. The Garden State is notorious for its unpredictable weather, with residents often being lucky enough to experience four seasons in one day.

Victoria also offers some of the best snowfields in Australia, meaning you can enjoy the sun in the morning with your family and friends and then head up the mountain for an afternoon of skiing.

We’ve put together The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Living in VIC to help you experience everything this beautiful state has to offer. Summertime calls for visits to the beach and outdoor barbeques (pending fire restrictions). In autumn and spring nature’s colours change to rich vibrant hews in country towns and parks, inviting picnics and hiking. Winter means sitting under a heat lamp in one of the cafés or bars that define our capital’s café culture.

No matter what time of year, Victoria has something for everyone. Get outdoors and enjoy it!

Download - Victoria Guide Book


They say good things come in small packages, and the Australian Capital Territory doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. This tiny territory which calls itself home to our nation’s leaders makes up for what it lacks in size with amazing events, great food and some incredible hidden outdoor gems.

From the spectacular views from Mount Ainslie Lookout to the picturesque walks around Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra really does have something for everyone. Grab a coffee in the city and immerse yourself in the political history of Australia, or spend the weekend getting back to nature in one of the Territory’s many national parks.

Not to mention, Canberra is continuously growing. The population is rising and the property market is absolutely booming, making Canberra one of the most liveable cities in the world. In our eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Living in the Australian Capital Territory, we take you through property trends, outdoor activities and all of the wonderful things that make up this small yet beautiful state.

Download - Australian Capital Territory Guide Book


Stunning beaches, warm water and a year-round perfect climate… what’s not to love about life in Queensland? Our eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Living in Queensland, shows off just how lucky those residing in the Sunshine State are. We take you through some of the best outdoor activities and adventures on offer, along with design and property trends to help you improve your home and make the most of the sun in your own backyard!

We spoke to property experts Todd Schulberg (Homely. and Peter Taliangis (Professionals Ultimate) to find out where property trends are headed in Queensland and around the country, as well as home and lifestyle bloggers Clare Hillier (Checks and Spots), Jen Bishop (Interiors Addict), and Gina Ciancio (Style Curator) about how they landscaped their backyards to make the most of their own personal slices of the outdoors.

Our guide has everything you need to know about the Sunshine State. Make sure you check it out!

Download - Queensland Guide Book

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