Four Marvellous Benefits of Outdoor Sectionals

Benefits of outdoor sectionals

Outdoor sectionals are the latest garden trend to be popping up in backyards across Australia – and we can see why.

These garden furniture pieces are versatile and minimalist yet trendy and so pragmatic.

We can’t get enough of them. But what makes them just so irresistible?


What we love most about outdoor sectional sofas is their ability to be configured in any number of ways.

In fact, you can change the configuration of your furniture on a daily basis to suit whatever you need at any moment.

Four Marvellous Benefits of Outdoor Sectionals - Benefits of Outdoor Sectionals, Australian Outdoor Living.
Benefits of outdoor sectionals.

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If you feel like soaking up the sun, string together two or three pieces, throw cushions on top, and lie down with a refreshing glass of iced tea and a good book.

Some sectionals, such as Ikea’s ÄPPLARÖ / HÅLLÖ, even come with matching footstools, so you can pull together enough segments to make yourself an outdoor bed.

Alternatively if you’re entertaining, divide your sectional into two configurations facing each other so you can converse easily with your guests.

And if you’re gathered together to toast marshmallows around your backyard fire pit, to support the rellies in a friendly backyard cricket game, or to simply admire a good view, you can configure your sectional into a U shape so everybody gets a bit of the action.

Seriously, the range of configurations is limitless! Just check out Houzz’s gallery of sectionals if you don’t believe us.


The trend with contemporary furniture today is to take a minimalist approach – that is, to do away with any unnecessary trappings and strip an item to its bare essentials.

Outdoor sectionals favour this approach extremely well.

Many outdoor sectionals lack arm rests, stick to bare or exposed woods, and embrace neutral colours.

Their minimalist look means your furniture can suit many environments or outdoor styles without you needing to upgrade should you change your décor or move house.


One of the things we love about sectionals is just how many styles, materials, combinations, and colours they’re available in.

There really is something for any taste!

Many outdoor sectionals feature wooden or wicker bases (though many varieties are made of plastic rattan for greater longevity and less maintenance).

But you can also find styles with iron or aluminium bases.

Even better, challenge yourself with a DIY sectional using wooden pallets.

Trust us, they look far better than you could ever imagine!

Ana White’s blog post provides detailed instructions for this DIY project.

Four Marvellous Benefits of Outdoor Sectionals - Many outdoor sectionals feature wooden or wicker bases, Australian Outdoor Living.
Many outdoor sectionals feature wooden or wicker bases.

Plus the changeable cushions and pillows that accompany most sectionals allow you to swap out the shapes and colours of your cushions, layering the effect to create a stunning, cosy place of repose you won’t be able to resist.


Finally, sectionals are wonderfully versatile.

They can make a small space look inviting and larger spaces cosy.

The lack of armrests in many sectionals helps to create an unobstructed view of your backyard and beyond if you have a larger backyard – and if you have a smaller one, the flat edges to the sectional open out your space and make it seem less claustrophobic.

And just as they suit larger and smaller backyards alike, outdoor sectionals also cater to larger and smaller crowds.

We’ve already displayed how their adaptable configurations can help with crowd control – but the fact is they offer so much more space for people than a few wicker chairs.

A three piece sectional, for instance, provides seating for five people – or more if your guests are willing to get cosy!

Are you tempted?

How could you not be?!

These sectional lounges just look so damn comfy – they’re practically sleep-inducing!

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