Insulate your home with a set of roller shutters from Australian Outdoor Living.

Security, light control and privacy – these are just a few of the benefits of installing roller shutters on your home.

Another less obvious but major benefit of roller shutters is the insulation that shutters provide for your home.

Filled with a special insulative compound, Australian Outdoor Living’s premium roller shutters give homeowners greater control over the ambient temperature inside their house. This means they can enjoy a more comfortable environment and reduce their energy bills at the same time.

Our shutters won’t just create a comfortable temperature for you and your family. They will also provide a level of security and a reduction in incoming light and noise.

Let’s have a look at how roller shutters insulate and how that can benefit you and your home.

How do roller shutters insulate - Insulate your home with a set of roller shutters from Australian Outdoor Living, Australian Outdoor Living.
Insulate your home with a set of roller shutters from Australian Outdoor Living.

What are roller shutters?

A roller shutter is a type of door or window shutter that consists of horizontal aluminum slats. These slats are hinged together to form a partition or external covering.

Roller shutters from Australian Outdoor Living come in either a strap-winch, strap-coiler, remote controlled or a hardwired switch operating system.

Shutters can be custom-designed and come in variety of colours, making it easy for us to find a design that works for you and matches the features of your home.

Traditionally, roller shutters were designed with security in mind. This is because they add another barrier to doors and windows of businesses.

This has evolved over time with the introduction of window shutters, which are becoming popular investments for homeowners that want shade, insulation and security.

Roller shutters have also been a popular way for homeowners to reduce noise coming into their home, with some people experiencing a 50 per cent reduction in noise.

How do roller shutters insulate - Roller shutters consist of horizontal aluminum slats hinged together to form a partition or external covering, Australian Outdoor Living.
Roller shutters consist of horizontal aluminum slats hinged together to form a partition or external covering.


Australian Outdoor Living’s range of roller shutters are the perfect solution for insulating your home. This is especially the case if your home gets too warm during the summer, or too cool through the winter.

Each section is injected with a premium polyurethane insulation. This will keep your home toasty and warm through the winter months and cooler through the hotter parts of the year.

Our shutters consist of aluminum that has a thickness of 8mm, whilst some of our competitors only use 5.7mm.

This makes Australian Outdoor Living’s roller shutters the thickest on the market, providing top-notch insulation and 50 per cent noise reduction from external sources.

We coat all of our shutters in a baked enamel, meaning they won’t crack or fade. They’ll also look as good as they did when they were first installed for years to come.

How do roller shutters insulate - Roller shutters are perfect for insulation, Australian Outdoor Living.
Roller shutters are perfect for insulation.

Benefits of insulation on your home

The climate in Australia can be very harsh, and a lot of places experience constant heat waves. This can make it difficult to keep the temperature of our homes at a comfortable level.

During these hotter seasons, most home owners will keep their windows closed to try and keep the hot air from entering their house.

However, heat can still enter the home through the window panes.

On a hot day, windows generate far more heat than walls. This causes the heat to pass into the home more rapidly, and as a result the ambient temperature in the home will quickly increase.

This can translate into significantly higher energy costs as air conditioners will be working harder to cool down your home.

Our roller shutters, with their thick aluminum slats, act as barriers for windows and can block up to 90% of the heat entering your home through the window panes.

When installed properly, roller shutters will completely cover the window and any gaps in the frame around them. This means they are able to reduce the amount of hot air entering the house through your windows.

This, coupled with the insulation inside the shutter, will mean you can keep the temperature inside your home exactly where you want it.

During the cooler months, roll your roller shutters down and switch the heater on to create a warm and toasty haven inside your home.

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