Smarttrack Outdoor Blinds

SmartTrack Signature

The SmartTrack Signature range is simple, easy to use and practical.

Its articulated crank rod not only ensures a smooth operation, but also eliminates the need for unsightly levers or pulleys.

This increases the overall aesthetic of the blind and reduces the amount of tripping hazards in your outdoor area.

SmartTrack Power

The SmartTrack Power series offers all the benefits of the Signature series, with the added bonus of an electrical component.

The Power series is operated by remote control, meaning you can control your motorised outdoor blinds from the comfort of
your seat.

SmartTrack connect

With the optional Wi-Fi bridge, the SmartTrack Connect is a fully automated blind operation system.

Control your smart blinds via the smartphone app to manage your automatic blinds from any location with a Wi-Fi signal.

Experience the best in motorised outdoor blind technology with the in-built Smart Home integration.

Set up voice control via Google Home or Amazon Alexa and control your smart blinds, your way.

App connectivity

Download a user friendly smartphone application, and operate your blinds from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. This gives you the ability to raise and lower your blinds whenever you want, wherever you may be.

Bidirectional Communication

The bidirectional communication allows you to see the exact height of your blinds in real time, via the app. You can choose to raise or lower your blinds to your desired level remotely, say if an unexpected afternoon rain storm hits

Home automation connectivity

SmartTrack Connect easily integrates with any Smart Home Hub such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa, allowing you to control your blinds through voice activated commands. Set your preferred scene and sit back and relax as your blinds do the rest

Sunrise setting | 7am

Set your blinds to open and let in natural morning light.

Afternoon setting | 3pm

Lower blinds to half way and block out the blinding glare.

party setting | 9pm

Lower blinds to keep in the warmth and keep the bugs out.


Outdoor Blinds – SmartTrack Promotions & Offers

Spruce up your outdoor area with a set of stylish outdoor blinds. Choose from clear and tinted café blinds and stylish shade blinds. There’s never been a better time to buy.


Fabric options

bella vista

Australian Outdoor Living’s Bella Vista material is specifically designed with a unique weave that provides you and your home with privacy, whilst still allowing you to continue admiring your surroundings.

Obstruct your nosy neighbour’s view and shield your outdoor space with Bella Vista blinds – it’s the best of both worlds.


Bella opaque

Our Bella Opaque range offers all the benefits of the Bella Vista… and more!

More shade, more privacy and more protection from the harsh Australian elements.

Bella Opaque blinds make spending time outdoors exceedingly desirable with a high UV protection rating and added privacy; all thanks to the material’s tighter 2×2 weave.



Bella Vista Colour Options

Outdoor Blinds - Bella Dove Grey colour option, Australian Outdoor Living

Dove Grey

Outdoor Blinds - Bella Vista Classic Cream colour option, Australian Outdoor Living

Classic Cream

Outdoor Blinds - Bella Vista Coffee colour option, Australian Outdoor Living


Outdoor Blinds - Bella Opaque Slate Grey colour option, Australian Outdoor Living

Slate Grey

Outdoor Blinds - Bella Vista Ebony colour option, Australian Outdoor Living


Outdoor Blinds - Bella Vista Oak colour option, Australian Outdoor Living


Bella Vista Stone


Bella Opaque Colour Options

Outdoor Blinds - Bella Opaque Wicker colour option, Australian Outdoor Living


Outdoor Blinds - Bella Opaque Wafer colour option, Australian Outdoor Living


Outdoor Blinds - Bella Opaque Midnight colour option, Australian Outdoor Living


Outdoor Blinds - Bella Opaque Ash Grey colour option, Australian Outdoor Living

Ash Grey

Outdoor Blinds - Bella Opaque Latte colour option, Australian Outdoor Living


Bella Opaque Iron


FRAME Colour options











Please Note: Whilst every effort has been made to have our available colours displayed/pictured as accurately as possible, these images are to be used as an indication only.


J. & C. Havercroft

The end result is excellent.

P. & D. Lehn

We have no hesitation in recommending Australian Outdoor Living to others.


Our outdoor Shade Blinds look very lovely, keep admiring it each time we go to our Pergola & Patio areas.

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