Roller Shutters
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Roller shutters that provide security, insulation, light control and privacy.

Australian Outdoor Living privacy shutters have also been approved in certain conditions by CSIRO to be suitable protection against radiant heat and ember attacks from bushfires.

Sleep easy, feeling safe and secure, with the addition of stylish and practical security shutters from Australian Outdoor Living.

Every Australian Outdoor Living roller shutter has superior insulation properties.

Each section is injected with premium polyurethane insulation, keeping your home in Adelaide toasty and warm in the winter, and lovely and cool in the summer. Perfect for climate conditions in Adelaide.

Our privacy shutters boast the thickest aluminium on the market, providing your home with the best insulation, light control and up to 50% noise reduction – perfect for shift workers and homes on busy roads.

We use aluminium with a thickness of 8mm, whilst some of our competitors only use 5.7mm. Our security shutters are coated in baked enamel – that means no cracking or fading, and shutters that look just as they did the day they were installed, for years to come.

Take control of your home with Australian Made security shutters from Australian Outdoor Living.

Our superior window roller shutters offer a broad range of benefits to suit all lifestyles. They offer the perfect security solution, as well as light, noise, and temperature control.

Privacy shutters even save you money by reducing your energy bills.

Piece of mind security and safety


Manual and electric shutters provide a greater level of security for you, your family and your home. Security shutters have been proven to act as a deterrent to potential theft… Now that’s peace of mind!

The Insulation solution


Our shutters boast the thickest aluminium slats on the market and are filled with a unique insulative compound. This provides your home with the best insulation for maintaining comfortable temperatures, light control and up to 50% noise reduction.

CSIRO fire rated


Our shutters are the CSIRO’s preferred option for effectively covering windows in bushfire prone areas. Adhering to the latest regulations, security shutters can significantly protect your home when threatened by an ember attack.

Australian made


Australian Outdoor Living’s shutters are Australian made, custom designed and made to measure using the highest quality materials to suit Australian conditions.

Roller shutters perfectly complement any home.

This is especially the case if your home gets too warm during summer – or too cold in winter.

Window shutters are perfect for insulating your home, reducing noise, controlling light and providing better privacy. They’ll also add a higher level of security to your home, giving you peace of mind whenever you leave the house.

Filled with a special insulative compound, our premium window shutters are highly effective in regulating the ambient temperature within a home. This will keep you cosy and even assist in reducing your energy bills.

Aside from creating a comfortable temperature for your family, they also provide an added level of security, light and noise reduction.

Keeping your family safe and comfortable is Australian Outdoor Living’s number one priority. Our premium quality shutters are precision made from highly durable aluminium slats (the thickest in the market), are CSIRO fire rated and are made in Australia.

Choose from Australian Outdoor Living’s wide selection of manual and motorised window shutters today and create the ultimate living experience for your home. It’s an investment you’ll be thankful of for years to come.

Our Range


The strap winder is a standard manual operation. This is the most common manual operation choice on double brick homes, as it avoids invasive drilling and does not require electricity.


Our strap coiler pulley system is perfect for awkward areas – for example, small bathrooms. It can only be used on smaller window areas.


Electric cables are installed inside of the wall to a switch, much like a light switch, making it a subtle inclusion to your home.


The remote control option conveniently allows you to roll your shutter up or down from anywhere in the room without having to leave your seat.


Roller Shutter Standard Colour Options

Roller Shutters Colour Option - White, Australian Outdoor Living


Roller Shutters Colour Option - Woodland Grey, Australian Outdoor Living

Woodland Grey

Roller Shutters Colour Option - Silver, Australian Outdoor Living


Roller Shutters Colour Option - Sahara, Australian Outdoor Living


Roller Shutters Colour Option - Black, Australian Outdoor Living


Roller Shutters Colour Option - Brown, Australian Outdoor Living


Roller Shutters Colour Option - Classic Cream, Australian Outdoor Living

Classic Cream

Roller Shutters Colour Option - Almond, Australian Outdoor Living


Please Note: Colours represented as accurately as possible, but should be used as an indication only. The actual colours may vary.

Roller Shutter Powder Coated Colour Options

Roller Shutters Powder Coat Colour Option - Mountain Blue, Australian Outdoor Living

Mountain Blue

Roller Shutters Powder Coat Colour Option - Grey, Australian Outdoor Living


Roller Shutters Powder Coat Colour Option - Green, Australian Outdoor Living


Roller Shutters Powder Coat Colour Option - Cream, Australian Outdoor Living


Roller Shutters Powder Coat Colour Option - Bronze, Australian Outdoor Living


Roller Shutters Powder Coat Colour Option - Mushroom, Australian Outdoor Living


Roller Shutters Powder Coat Colour Option - Olive Green, Australian Outdoor Living

Olive Green

Roller Shutters Powder Coat Colour Option - Red, Australian Outdoor Living


Roller Shutters Powder Coat Colour Option - charcoal, Australian Outdoor Living


Please Note: Colours represented as accurately as possible, but should be used as an indication only. The actual colours may vary.



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