5 Ways to Improve the Selling Price of Your Home with a Carport

We all grow fond of our homes. They are our refuge from the world, a place we can be guaranteed some peace and quiet. But they will also be one of the most important financial investments you’ll ever make. Because of that, it’s important to think wisely about additions to your home. If you’re thinking about installing a carport, you may be relieved to find that the costs you face now may pay off in the future when you decide to sell up. Here are five ways carports can improve the selling price of your home:

1. Carports guarantee protection for a homebuyer’s car

Many potential homebuyers make a carport or garage a necessity on their Dream Home checklist. A carport is, after all, home to the second most important asset a person can have – their car, boat, motorbike, or campervan.

A carport guarantees protection from the weather for a homebuyer’s valued vehicle of choice. After all, when out in the open vehicles are exposed to intense UV rays, falling branches, hailstones and even harmful deposits from our feathered friends. A home without a carport can detract appeal for potential homebuyers.

2. Carports can blend in with the original architecture to look like they always belonged

Unfortunately, a lot of people choose to DIY their carports and end up with a botched job that looks incongruous with the rest of their property. But if you are serious about improving the value of your home with a carport, you can install a carport that looks like it was there from the start.

At Australian Outdoor Living, we offer a range of styles that can duplicate the distinct character of your home. This means you end up with a carport that blends into the rest of the property so well it looks like it was always there. Since it’s fresh and new, it can lift the appeal of the entire home. And that brings us onto reason three:

3. Carports improve your home’s curb appeal

Nothing can make a home look messier than having a couple of cars strewn over the driveway and across the lawn. Your home’s curb appeal matters a lot when you’re selling your home. How it looks from the outside will determine a potential homebuyer’s first impression – and first impressions are hard to change!

Carports clean up your front yard. Parking your car (or your boat or campervan) neatly under a carport allows visitors to better appreciate the size and style of your front garden. If you have a boat or campervan perched permanently on the lawn, it doesn’t just look messy; it can destroy the grass underneath. Homebuyers are only going to see that as extra work once they move in and can be put off.

4. Carports provide extra storage space

In this day and age with an ever-expanding population, we all crave our space. Every nook and cranny counts when you’re looking for a new home. The extra storage space that carports offer homebuyers will bump your home up in their estimation to no end. They’ll see it as a place to put their bench press and boxing bag, their table saw, their beer fridge, or their crafts table.

5. Carports can be an additional living space

Finally, for those green-living homebuyers, a carport may not be as relevant to their vehicular needs. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be a selling point. Today, carports are designed to be chic and sophisticated. As a result, they are increasingly used as shaded outdoor areas central to family barbecues and outdoor parties. A homebuyer would make special note of any outdoors shelter from that hot Aussie sun.

Carports are an easy and affordable way of adding value to your home. If your home comes complete with a carport – and a stylish, befitting one at that – a homebuyer is more likely to take your property seriously. A homebuyer dislikes nothing more than purchasing a property for which they must build extensive renovations to make it complete! Your new carport offers them the whole package.

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