Cut the price of your car insurance with a carport 

After your house, your car is likely to be your next highest valuable asset.

There is no denying we treat our cars like family; some of us are even guilty of giving them a name!

Given the importance of owning a vehicle, it’s surprising how few of us actually give our car a home of its own.

While breaking the code on how car insurance premiums are calculated might never happen during our lifetime, there is definitely something to be said for planning ahead.

Some insurance companies may take physical location such as off-street carports, garages and secure parking into consideration due to the lower risk they carry when compared to unsecured parking areas.

When your vehicle is protected from natural and man-made damage, not only will your extended family member live and last longer, it illustrates to your car insurance company you’re serious about security.

Having a carport means far more than simply putting a slanted roof on the side of a building.

Chosen and fitted correctly, carports can enhance a property visually and also add real value to your property.

How Does Building A Carport Help You Cut Car Insurance Costs? - Building a carport can cut insurance costs, Australian Outdoor Living.
Building a Carport can cut insurance costs.

Carports offer protection against the elements

In Australia, where harsh weather conditions often prevail, it’s well worth your time and effort to build a carport.

Everyone enjoys watching on when the elements collide … until you remember your car is outside, unprotected during a freak hailstorm.

Summer is no safer with the sun wreaking havoc and destroying beautiful paintwork and cracking leather seats through extreme heat.

Having towering eucalyptus trees with precariously dangling branches can also be quite the liability for your car insurance premiums.

Carports will provide essential protection for cars, bikes and caravans against the harsh Australian elements.

With a carefully planned carport – including a vast array of materials, colours and finishes to choose from – we can help you protect your assets the same way in which you protect yourself, with a roof overhead.

Carports better protect your car against scratches and dents

If your car is unsecured and children play in the street or close to it, there is no protection against a rogue cricket ball making a nasty dent in the door.

What about unexplained scratches (frustratingly resembling car keystrokes) which appear overnight across the car’s body?

Building a carport ensures your car is parked safely on your property, away from kid’s play and more.

How Does Building A Carport Help You Cut Car Insurance Costs - Carports can protect your car against scratches and dents, Australian Outdoor Living.
Carports can protect your car against scratches and dents.

Carports can deter theft

Carports can act as a safeguard against theft. While thieves are naturally tempted by easy targets, having a well-lit carport with sensors lights will stop them in their tracks.

As the majority of car thefts occur in public spaces, installing a carport means you have a better chance of deterring and keeping thieves at bay – while keeping your property and possessions safe.

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With a wide range of different timbers and design features to choose from, our carports can blend in architecturally with your home and also allow you to show off your creative flare and express yourself in a unique way.

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