Artificial Grass Lawns – A Good Choice?

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Artificial grass – The low maintenance alternative.

Most home owners have considered, at some stage, either putting in natural lawn or artificial grass lawns.

Artificial grass, also commonly known as synthetic grass, astroturf or even “no-mow grass”, can be an excellent addition to any home.

This post provides some useful information about artificial lawn, covering its benefits, uses and why you might consider installing this at your place.

First of all, let’s take a closer look at what synthetic grass really is.

Artificial Grass Lawns, A good choice - The low maintenance alternative, Australian Outdoor Living.
The low maintenance alternative.

What are artificial grass lawns?

Artificial grass lawns are synthetic in that the grass turf or fibres (the lawn blades themselves) are made from nylon or polypropylene.

This artificial turf is made to look and feel very much like a natural lawn with real grass.

Originally sold by ChemGrass under the patented name of Astroturf, artificial lawn has come a long way since.

Today’s artificial lawns come in a wide range of selections, which vary by manufacturer.

This selection includes varying lengths of turf (known as pile height), the width of the grass fibres or “blades”, and also the density of the turf.

Premium ranges now also feature brown or naturally coloured fibres interspersed between the usual green fibres, adding a new level of naturalism to the turf.

Home owners generally love the convenience of artificial turfs, but are concerned that they would look and feel overly “fake”.

The worst case scenario for any home owner is to install an artificial turf that feels like a carpet or a rug.

Fortunately, leading artificial lawn companies, such as Australian Outdoor Living, now feature a full synthetic turf selection that is highly natural in both its look and feel.

Why choose artificial grass lawns? 

The real challenge is to find an artificial lawn that looks natural.

So the key is really to take your time to choose a type of artificial grass lawn that looks and feel most natural.

Once you are able to zero in on the type of grass you want that looks most natural, the rest is easy.

There are actually significantly more advantages to artificial lawns than natural or real lawns.

Let’s look at some of the key advantages to installing an artificial lawn.

Artificial Grass Lawns - A Good Choice - Why choose Artificial Grass, Australian Outdoor Living.
Why choose artificial grass?

Low maintenance!

Artificial grass lawns don’t not require much maintenance. Unlike natural or real grass, that grows and needs to be trimmed and mowed regularly, artificial lawn does not require any mowing.

It doesn’t grow – it simply retains its original height and continues to look good all year round.

This saves a lot of time for home owners, which could be better spent enjoying the garden with their family, instead of maintaining it.

Artificial grass lawns are made from high durability materials that last for years. Unlike real grass, which is easily broken or torn, or a natural turf that gets soiled and muddy during heavy rains, artificial lawns stays clean even in wet weather.

Rain water (or any form of liquid) is efficiently drained from the artificial lawn through a multi-layered drainage system.

So even in heavy rains, the artificial lawn remains fairly dry.

Artificial lawn maintenance is also very simple. Just wash it down periodically with a garden hose, and let the water drain away naturally.

That’s it. You don’t need to water it daily since it’s synthetic. And if your lawn happens to get stained (bird droppings, etc.), just wash off the affected section.

Given the busy lifestyles of most Australian home owners, artificial lawns really make a lot of sense for most households due to the minimal maintenance requirements.

Artificial Grass Lawns - A Good Choice - Pet friendly, Australian Outdoor Living.
Artificial grass is pet friendly.

Pet friendly!

According to AVA’s pet ownership report in Nov 2016, Australia has one of the highest household rates of pet ownership.

Around 62% of all households in Australia are home to least one pet. That’s great!

However, with great pets comes great responsibility! Home owners should take extra care in selecting the most suitable lawn for their pets.

Fact is, your pets will likely spend more time on your lawn than you do – lounging, rolling and running around.

Pet activity

This is where artificial grass lawns can be far more suitable than a natural lawn.

Synthetic lawn is made from highly durable synthetic fibres that are tested to endure physical stress, whereas natural grass can be easily torn or damaged.

Pet activity can get quite intensive, especially during playtimes. With all the dashing around, a pet’s paws could rip up sections of natural grass easily, exposing the soil beneath.

This turns into mud puddles when the rains come and then muddy paw stains on your verandah or pergola. In some cases, this can then cause nasty stares from your spouse.

Artificial lawns are more durable and generally more suitable for any type of pet activity.

Pet safety

Artificial lawns, like the ones installed by Australian Outdoor Living, are made from safe materials free from harmful chemicals.

Grass fibres are also lead and mercury free, so there is less of a chance of poisoning in the case of accidental ingestion.

This is especially important as you would have seen the occasional dog (especially puppies!) trying to chew up a lawn.

However, while artificial lawns minimises the risk of danger to pets, proper pet care is obviously still very necessary.

Clean and environmentally friendly

Artificial lawns are great when it comes to maintaining a clean and hygienic home – with low maintenance. This is what we all want.

A clean home that doesn’t take too much time in our day to maintain!

Artificial grass lawns are designed to not be easily soiled or stained. Most stains would wash away quickly with some rain, or a quick wash down with a garden hose.

In contrast, natural grass lawns could get soiled quite easily, retain undesirable stains and debris, and facilitate the growth of other organic contaminants.

Although it’s always nice to have the real touch of nature, the hassle comes when natural lawns are poorly maintained and left unkempt.

Poorly maintained natural lawns can be a spawning ground for many undesirables, such as pests or rodents, dangerous insects, snakes and more.

After all, it’s the great Australian outback we live in.

This is why, unless you intend to invest the time to look after and keep your natural lawn clean and neat, you may want to consider going with an artificial lawn.

Artificial grass lawn pricing

This is likely the first question in mind for home owners looking to install artificial lawn. How much would it cost?

If you do some research online, you will discover that the costing for artificial grass varies greatly and can be found from as little as $20 per square meter..

Naturally, the old adage goes here : “You get what you pay for.”

Having said that though, you can get premium quality artificial lawn that is quite affordable.

At Australian Outdoor Living, we work hard to maintain the fine balance between delivering true quality, while making it affordable for home owners.

If you speak to most artificial turf companies, you probably won’t get an upfront quote. The reason for this is, there are just too many factors involved in providing an accurate quote.

Below are some of the factors that affect artificial lawn pricing :

  • If a digger or crane is required
  • If you require extras – dig out and therefore a skip
  • Type or range of artificial grass (many selections to choose from)
  • Pile height (how tall you want the turf to be)
  • Area to cover (a detailed measure of your space is required)
  • Installation timeframe (how soon or far out is your install)

So what do you do? Get in contact with a qualified and trusted artificial lawns company and discuss your requirements with them.

Australian Outdoor Living is a leader in artificial lawns. Our team would be happy to have a chat with you and provide a free measure and quote. Get in touch with us today.

Artificial grass lawn warranty – peace of mind!

Most natural lawns don’t offer any form of warranty. Even if it does, it would often be impossible to not attribute any damages to normal wear and tear.

Artificial lawns come with extensive warranty, service and support. Most manufacturers and installers will offer extended periods of warranty cover.

At Australian Outdoor Living, all our artificial grass lawns come with 12 months labour warranty, and depending on the range, between 5 to 7 years product warranty. *

All repairs during the warranty period must be carried out by a qualified Australian Outdoor Living representative. Any tampering with the product could result in your warranty becoming void.

*Australian Outdoor Living guarantees do not preclude any obligations to respective state building legislation or statutory warranty.

If you are going to install a lawn and want minimal stress and maintenance, an artificial lawn with a good warranty cover is worth considering.

Convinced about artificial lawns? We hope this post has provided more information about artificial grass and its benefits.

Should you have more questions on this topic, feel free to give us a call at 1300 884 690. Our Artificial Lawns Consultants are always happy to provide professional advice on any questions you have.

If you are ready to discuss your requirements, complete the Free Measure and Quote form on this page now, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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*Please note that the full range of Australian Outdoor Living products is only available in South Australia. Check with your local AOL team on product availability in your area.

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