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Control your blinds via remote control, smartphone app or even your voice with our fully integrated system.

An articulated crank rod allows you to easily control the atmosphere in your entertaining area. With no unsightly straps, zips, pulleys or ropes, Classic blinds will help you create a stylish and functional outdoor room.

Enjoy your blinds for years to come thanks to high quality components and workmanship.

Protect yourself from the weather and spend more time entertaining outdoors with friends and family.

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Classic Outdoor Blinds

Our classic outdoor blinds are the ultimate choice to enclose and utilise your outdoor space. Offering protection from the weather as well as added privacy for your backyard, our range of outdoor blinds are custom designed to complement your home. Choose from PVC, Shade or Privacy blinds in a range of colours to suit your style.

Classic Outdoor Blinds | Choose From A Range Of Fabrics And Colours

Whatever your style, we have the Classic Outdoor Blind colour combination to perfectly suit your space

Shade Blinds

Bella Vista range

The Bella Vista shade blind range is a semi-opaque solution, designed to restrict nosey neighbours from seeing in whilst still allowing you to soak in the views of your backyard.

Colour Options

Slate Grey

Privacy Blinds

Bella Opaque range

Our Bella Opaque range features a 2x2 weave fabric, offering you the best in privacy and sun protection. Entertain in comfort through every season, without worrying about wind, rain or harsh UV rays.

Colour Options


PVC Blinds

Clear or Tinted PVC Material

The clear and tinted Bella Crystal and Bella Bronze ranges are designed to preserve your views while protecting you from inclement weather conditions.

Colour Options


Please Note: Whilst every effort has been made to have our available colours displayed / pictured as accurately as possible, these images are to be used as an indication only.

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Classic Outdoor Blinds Inspiration Gallery

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FAQ on Classic Outdoor Blinds

Everything you need to know!

Outdoor Roller Blinds work as an exterior blind that are generally used on outdoor spaces such as Pergolas, Verandahs and Patios. Many home owners consider installing Outdoor Blinds to enhance and extend their outdoor living space.

Outdoor Blinds are generally made from either a clear or tinted PVC or weaved shade materiel. Good quality Outdoor Blinds work by offering users protection from weather conditions like wind and rain or block out sun and harsh UV rays.

Outdoor Blinds are also known to block out dust, debris and insects. Outdoor Blinds can be used to give users privacy from the outside and block out the view into their outdoor area. Outdoor Blinds can transform an outdoor area by being rolled up or left down or left at a certain height. Some Outdoor Blinds use pulleys to operate and zips and straps to be kept in place.

Good quality Outdoor Blinds are generally operated using manual and automatic operating systems some of which use track guides to ensure a quality fit. Australian Outdoor Living’s range of Outdoor Blinds come in either the simple Classic gear tensioned system, the manually operated Neo track blind or the premium Motion motorized track blind.

To answer this question… Outdoor Blinds act as a barrier for your outdoor space turning it into an extra room for your house. They are used to block out wind and rain and can give users shade protection against the harsh sun and UV rays.

Outdoor Blinds are also known to stop dust, debris and insects from coming in. Outdoor Blinds can be operated using pulleys, straps or zips or gear tensioned, manual and automatic operating systems.

For more information contact Australian Outdoor Living today and we will send out one of our friendly consultants.

Taking steps to clean and maintain your Plastic Outdoor Blinds will help you prolong the life of your outdoor blinds, save money in the long run and keep them looking their best.

For cafe style plastic blinds the first tip is to regularly wash them with a sponge or a chamois with warm soapy water. Allowing a buildup of dust and dirt on your plastic blinds can cause them to become scratched during the rolling up process.

Avoid using anything abrasive to wipe your outdoor blinds as this could also result in scratching. On top of this ensure that your Plastic Outdoor Blinds are free of creases during the rolling up process. The best time to do this is when the blinds are warm.

Like all plastic, café style blinds are affected by changes in temperature. They can potentially expand and contract according to the heat of the day and can become stiff if exposed to cooler temperatures. If this occurs it’s important to be careful when operating your blinds, don’t try and force the mechanism to work – be gentle.

To answer this question… the best way to clean Plastic Outdoor Blinds is using a sponge or chamois and warm soapy water.

Cleaning you Outdoor Blinds regularly will avoid the build up of dust or dirt.

For more information on Outdoor Blinds in general contact Australian Outdoor Living today.

Our sister company, Universal Blind Assembly (UBA), manufactures all of our outdoor blinds in their factory in Regency Park.

We are a proud Australian company and we firmly believe that our South Australian factory is capable of manufacturing the best outdoor blinds on the market.  

We’re 100 per cent committed to making our outdoor blinds in South Australia. 

Outdoor blinds are usually not 100 per cent water proof.

However depending on the material and the quality and weave of the fabric, outdoor blinds can be quite water-resistant.

For external weather protection, one does not usually require outdoor blinds to be totally water resistant.

Most blinds will stop a large majority of rain in its tracks, ensuring you won’t have to worry about the wet weather spoiling your plans. 


Which Outdoor Blinds Are More Water Resistant?

Our clear and tinted Bella Crystal and Bella Bronze material options are less waterproof than our Bella Vista and Bella Opaque shade material, simply because they must be installed with the Classic operation system.

Since our outdoor blinds are custom-designed to suit your outdoor space, we can usually make them any size, within reason.

As a general rule, the largest size we can manufacture under warranty is five metres wide with a three metre drop.

Upon inspecting your area, our design consultants will be able to let you know if a larger size is possible.

Occasionally outdoor areas aren’t built to accommodate installations such as outdoor blinds.

Your home might not have anywhere for us to secure a set of blinds, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck!

If you don’t have a post on which to secure your outdoor blinds, we can easily install an anchor point in the ground.

We would also attach a clip to the bottom of the blind, which would then clip onto this anchor.

The clip lifts as you wind the blind tighter, meaning you can still maintain a taut blind.

The anchor will also lie flat when not in use, eliminating the possibility of any nasty trips!

Installation Time for Outdoor Blinds is Usually Between 4 and 6 Weeks!

Installation time for outdoor blinds can vary depending on a number of factors, but it will usually take between 4 and 6 weeks from the initial consultation for your project to be finished.

Inclement weather can be a big reason for unexpected delays, but geographical location will play the biggest part in determining how long your installation will take.

Please contact your local branch for more information.

When you first contact us, we’ll organise a time that suits you to visit you in your home.

We’ll discuss with you exactly what you’re after, then we’ll measure the area and prepare an accurate quote based on your personal preferences. 

We design every project based on each customer’s individual needs, lifestyle and budget.

This ensures you get the perfect set of outdoor blinds that is unique to you and your home.

As a result of this personalised service we are unable to provide an accurate quote without first sitting down with you and discussing exactly what it is you want.

We do this to ensure complete honesty and transparency throughout the whole process.

Unlike some of our competitors, we’re not in the business of giving you a quote and adding hidden costs later on. 

Explore the Aftercare Guide for tips and tricks on how to care for your Outdoor Blinds to ensure you can enjoy them for years to come.

Classic Outdoor Blind Brochures

Download our Classic Outdoor Blinds brochures here

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