Simple Tips to Attract Wildlife into Your Backyard

rainbow lorikeet

Whether you live in the country or are a city dweller with a small town house, everyone loves the gentle sound of birds singing and the arrival of native Aussie wildlife on their back door (unless it’s a snake, of course!).

Many introduced plants and the wrong garden design means fewer native wildlife species are joining us in our backyards.

Having a backyard friendly to native birds, possums, lizards and a multitude of other fauna has many benefits. That’s because to attract wildlife, you’ll likely promote their natural environment – and growing native flora helps our ecosystem by allowing indigenous species (and animals!) to thrive.

Ever since we brought in the bunnies and the foxes, our Australian ecosystems have suffered, with introduced plants and animals stifling native competition and destroying some of important habitats of our most cherished wildlife.

Creating an environment that attracts wildlife is one of the best ways to rebalance the natural ecosystem of your area, as well as allowing some beautiful new friends to join you in your backyard!

Plant the Right Plants

The best way to attract native wildlife into your backyard (and encourage your local ecosystem to flourish) is to plant a garden full of native native plants not only suitable to our country, but to your state, altitude, proximity to the coast and other factors.

Banksia flower

The best way to know what is right for your area is to pop down to your local nursery and ask for locally sourced plants. You council’s website may also provide a list of the best plants for your area.

Your local brand of the Australian Native Plants Society also provides great guides on the most suitable plants in your region. Generally speaking, eucalypts, banksias and grevilleas are the best trees and shrubs to attract native birds.

Provide Food and Water

If you want to listen to the chirping of birds and gather native wildlife around you, treat them as you would any other guest by providing bird feed, water, and even fruits.

bird feeder

Did you know the gorgeous rainbow lorikeet population has increased along Australia’s east coast since people started feeding them in their own backyards? They’re now providing heavy competition for the flocks of introduced Sparrows and Starlings.

And who wouldn’t want these beautiful multi-coloured birds adorning your porch every morning? Sweet-loving Rainbow Lorikeets feast on the Grevillea Honey Gem while Honeyeaters and Red Wattle Birds adore Kangaroo paws.

Banksias are the ideal bird-attracting plant. Their nectar attracts Wattle Birds while their seeds encourage Cockatoos into your backyard.

And if you’re really ambitious, you can draw in the carnivorous Kookaburras and Currawongs by eliminating pesticides, herbicides and fungicides in your backyard. This will encourage insects, small lizards, worms, and frogs to thrive; all of which carnivorous birds love to dine off!

And here’s a super clever little tip: native birds, it seems, are attracted to red and yellow flowers. So fill your garden with these fiery blooms and watch your birds flock to your property!

A bird feeder is a stylish way to bring birds into your backyard. Checkout this super simple DIY bird feeder on our blog. Buy bird feed or compost your old food scraps.

Bird pools are cute, and you’ll have your feathered friends entertaining you with their dipping, diving and dunking in the warmer months! Make sure their pool is high up, since birds feel safer off the ground.

Keep Your Pets Inside

This one may be a less popular suggestion, but an important one nonetheless. If you want to attract native birds and natural wildlife into your backyard, keep your pets inside.

You want to provide a nurturing and safe environment for your native visitors, and cats and dogs will threaten native wildlife, preventing them from coming in!

With your backyard full of indigenous plants, you will be providing multiple benefits to your local environment, as well as saving you water and inviting some new friends into your garden!

Want to Know More?

At Australian Outdoor Living, we want you to get the best outdoor experience, so we’ve compiled a list of helpful resources to give you a head-start on a multipurpose backyard. Check out our other posts below:

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