Blasé about the weather? This is what happens when you don’t protect your car

OK, so it seems a little mean to get a kick out of the misfortune of others. Certainly the owners of the cars we’re about to show you didn’t appreciate Mother Nature on the fateful day the weather dealt them (and their car – literally) a costly blow.

Let this be a cautionary tale. Weather can be a mean, cruel and unrelenting affair. It pays to be prepared – so the next time the cumulonimbus clouds roll in or the forecast shows flashes of lightening, make sure your car is safely ensconced in a garage or carport.

Here are just a few examples of what can happen to your car during a storm. Damage like this, or even more minor damage such as hail dents in your panelling or simple water damage, can make your car unsellable or uninsurable, even if properly repaired.

It’s easy to have a chuckle (it’s human nature after all). But keep in mind this could happen to you!

This car earned a lucky escape from serious damage! Why? Because the tree that fell on it had just the right shape of foliage to ensconce the car. We can’t all be this lucky.

car in treePhoto credit: Fox6Now.

If you’ve confidently left your car out in the hail before and not experienced any damage, then consider yourself lucky. Hail damage is real, you guys.

hail damage to carPhoto credit: Wykt.

It wasn’t so smart to park this little Smart Car outside during a storm now, was it?

car with polePhoto credit: Break

So this would probably never, ever happen in Australia, except for maybe in Tassie, but we couldn’t ignore the pure awesomeness of this photo. Brrrrrrrr! Check out more photos of insane weather damage by Break.

frozen car

This baby blue Holden Astra ends up on post following a wild NSW storm in 2009 – bad luck, “Kat”.

car on postPhoto credit: Brisbane Times.

This car was a little blown away. We’re not sure how this happens, but it’s clearly possible.

car blown into a treePhoto credit: Anderson Agency.

And yes, we know this isn’t a video. But car damage can be traumatising. This girl would know.

Moral of the story, safely store your car if there’s a storm on the horizon – and don’t drive if you can avoid it. Or you may just find yourself with a lot of glass to clean up as well.

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