Person reclining on couch located on a timber deck overlooking australian outback

Can I Build a Timber Deck in a Bushfire Area?

There is no denying timber decking looks aesthetically pleasing on a country property surrounded by towering eucalypts. Nowhere do we feel the itch to enjoy the outdoors more than on a property hidden well and truly within the Aussie outback. But for some, the threat of a bushfire or ember attack will put them off ever building a deck to their home.

Carport Installation

How Does Building A Carport Help You Cut Car Insurance Costs?

After your house, your car is likely to be your next highest valuable asset. There is no denying we treat our cars like family; some of us are even guilty of giving them a name! Given the importance of owning a vehicle, it’s surprising how few of us actually give our car a home of its own.

Artificial lawn with curved edge

Artificial Lawn vs Natural Lawn

Installing artificial grass is a big decision, both financially and otherwise. At Australian Outdoor Living, we understand why you may be unsure which option to choose. After all, which is going to look the best, be eco-friendly, cost-effective, and low maintenance in the long run?