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Dogs of AOL: Sonny the Golden Retriever

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Dogs of AOL.

Known for being man’s best friend, dogs are often idolised as faithful lifelong companions.

Here at Australian Outdoor Living we love the outdoors, and we love watching our furry friends enjoy themselves.

There’s nothing we like more than watching our pups, whether they’re playing on our artificial lawns, walking through our picturesque outdoor areas or splashing about in our pools.

In fact, we love dogs so much here at AOL that we decided to dedicate a series of blogs to our favourite furry friends!

‘Dogs of AOL’ focuses on introducing you to the cute puppers and doggos from our AOL photo shoots.

We’ll get valuable insights from their owners as well as first person accounts from our office staff about what it was like to be around such lovely pups.

After all, every dog deserves to be the centre of attention.

Today’s feature pup is…

Sonny the Golden Retriever!

Owner: Tayla Stolcman – Accountant NSW & NCC

Dogs of AOL: Sonny the Golden Retriever - Meet Sonny: Dogs of AOL, Australian Outdoor Living.
Meet Sonny! Dogs of AOL.

Golden Retrievers were initially bred to retrieve game during hunting and shooting parties, but over time they have become more popular as a family pet.

Their friendly demeanour and love of making friends makes them great around kids, and their bubbly personality means they’re great around both strangers and other dogs.

Their trusting and gentle disposition means they probably wouldn’t be good at keeping intruders away, but at least they’ll distract any burglars by licking them to death!

Sonny lumbered in with a huge grin on his face, eager to meet everyone in the office.

He went about getting to know the team and his grin and excited demeanour meant we all fell in love instantly.

Sonny made sure he didn’t leave anyone out, and after about 10 minutes he had said hello to every single one of us.

His grin and his waggly tail made the morning fly by.

He spent time at each of our desks, and we were happy to provide plenty of pats and head scritches.

After Sonny’s meet and greet, we decided it was time to put him to work.

We gave him a tour of our display village and took the chance to take some photos.

Sonny certainly wasn’t camera shy!

He had a great time posing for our photographer, as well as enjoying all the luxuries our display centre had to offer.

He frolicked on the artificial grass and relaxed on the timber deck under the shade of our outdoor blinds.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and Sonny eventually tired himself out.

He fell asleep in the car on the way home, putting a cherry on top of a great morning.

Dogs of AOL: Sonny the Golden Retriever - It's important to take the time to stop and smell the roses, Australian Outdoor Living.
It’s important to take the time to stop and smell the roses. Sonny for Dogs of AOL.

What we liked about Sonny…

“It’s always nice to show up to work and meet a new pup, especially when they’re as happy as Sonny was.

Golden Retrievers are always a friendly breed, but Sonny definitely took it to the next level.

He was so affectionate right from the start, and I can’t wait for him to visit again – I hope he remembers us!” – Anthony Cochrane, Content Writer

Dogs of AOL: Sonny the Golden Retriever - Our artificial grass has Sonny's tick of approval, Australian Outdoor Living.
Our artificial grass has Sonny’s tick of approval! – Dogs of AOL.

“Sonny was such a happy dog, and he definitely improved everyone’s morning.

He had the softest ears and the biggest smile – he’s welcome back any time.” – Hanna Tomkins, Social Media Coordinator

Dogs of AOL: Sonny the Golden Retriever - Sonny enjoyed sitting in the sun - he also enjoyed our timber decking, Australian Outdoor Living.
Sonny enjoyed sitting in the sun – he also enjoyed our timber decking! – Dogs of AOL.

“I know that I’m very biased, but there is no better pup than my Sonny boy.

When he came into the office everyone was so excited to see him (can you blame them?), and he was absolutely in his element meeting all the new people and exploring the office and display village.

When you get a big dog you don’t expect to get many cuddles or for them to be very affectionate, but man, we were wrong!

Sonny lives with two Westies and definitely thinks that he is one – he will sit on your lap any chance he gets.

I think it’s about time that AOL hired Sonny to be the official office dog.” –Tayla Stolcman, Owner and Accountant NSW & NCC

Dogs of AOL: Sonny the Golden Retriever - Making new friends is exhausting, Australian Outdoor Living.
Making new friends is exhausting! – Sonny for Dogs of AOL..

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