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Why We Love Timber Decking – and We Think You Will Too

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Why we think you’ll love timber decking from Australian Outdoor Living 

One of the most fundamental joys of outdoor design is the chance to get creative and really make your home into a space you can be proud of.

With so many possibilities available to you, it can be difficult to choose just one part of your home to particularly stand out.

You spied the house of your dreams, bid upon it and now it is a place to call home.

However, a house is just that; a house.

It’s the gorgeous yard, complete with an ambient atmosphere and entertaining area that will transform your house into a home.

With a timber deck you can invite your friends and family into a space that says ‘this is a house that I am proud to call my own’.

A well-built deck will transform your yard into an enjoyable place to relax and spend time.

A timber deck, constructed from high quality Australian wood supplies will undoubtedly enhance the overall beauty and value of your home.

At Australian Outdoor Living we love high quality decking! Here are just a few reasons why:

Improve the look and feel of your home and yard with a timber deck

Every home improvement, especially those made to the outdoor living space, will benefit the look and feel of your home.

But what exactly is the look and feel of your home? Let us explain….

The look of your home is how it appears at first glance.

Perhaps it is classic in design, aesthetically pleasing or maybe just plain confusing?

The feel of your home is determined by the sense of ease that you and your guests feel when they walk in.

Take two minutes and think about this.

When others walk through your front door, do they feel comfortable? Or are they unsettled? Maybe they are pestered by an unpleasant smell?

Either way, the look and feel of your home is important.

We know what you are thinking, isn’t this is a blog post about timber decking!?

Timber decking from Australian Outdoor Living will enhance the look and feel of your home.

Not convinced? Well imagine this… the look of a freshly laid, immaculate timber deck in your backyard.

The satisfactory feeling of admiring your deck, the perfect place for entertaining or simply relaxing. We know it’s a good feeling.

The choice of decking designs

Why We Love Timber Decking - and We Think You Will Too - The choice of decking designs, Australian Outdoor Living.
Why we love timber decking – and we think you will too.

There are so many design ideas and inspired looks to create a timber deck to suit your needs.

A multi-tiered deck is a dynamic addition to your backyard.

It adds interest to a backyard that may otherwise be difficult to landscape.

Elevated decks are also a practical choice.

They provide you and your family with under-deck storage space for those bulky necessities and maintenance utilities, such as the lawn mower or pool cleaner.

In contrast, a flat more expansive decking area is the perfect foundation to entertain.

Go on, spread out! Lay out some deck chairs and a comfy outdoor couch.

Create the ideal outdoor space; invite your friends and family around!

Timber decking increases the value of your home  

Improvements to the outdoor area of your home will undoubtedly increase its selling price and overall value.

Recent studies have suggested that backyard and aesthetic home improvements can increase the selling price by as much as 12%!

Investing in a deck is an investment for the here and now, as well as the future.

Enjoy a new and improved outdoor area now, but have peace of mind knowing that you’ve added value to your home if you were to sell in the future.

Timber decking is a smart investment for the homeowner with a growing family, or someone who likes to look at the bigger picture.

Timber decking: a place for relaxing

The choice of decking designs - Timber Decking - A place that you can relax, Australian Outdoor Living.
Timber decking – A place that you can relax.

The modern world is a frantic place!

With work, kids, friends and the extended family, the word ‘hectic’ is often used to describe the daily grind.

So it is only natural that when you get to the end of your day, you want to relax and unwind.

Stop and enjoy a few moments of tranquility.

An outdoor timber deck is just the place for this!

Relax after a rough day, and let your stress melt away.

Make yourself a sweet treat, or pour a glass of something bubbly.

Sit back and relax on your deck.

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Leave it to Australian Outdoor Living

Australian Outdoor Living is passionate about helping people love their life outdoors. We offer a range of products, including:

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