Save Water and Save Money with a Home Carport

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How to save money and water with a carport 

If you’re an environmentally-friendly Aussie – or if you have a family and need to keep a keen eye on the hip pocket – then water saving is a way of life.

We often forget that rain is an abundant source of high quality water!

A gift from the grey and stormy clouds above, pure rainwater requires minimal treatment, can be used for a variety of different things around the house and garden and is a hassle-free way to save money.

But how do you catch as much of these useful, money-saving droplets as you can?

At Australian Outdoor Living we think the best way to save water and money is with a carport.

Save Water and Save Money with a Home Carport - How to save money and water with a carport, Australian Outdoor Living.
Save water and save money with a home carport.

The water-saving, money-saving carport

A carport that is designed and installed to fit seamlessly with your home will enhance functionality while adding to curb appeal.

It will also create a sleek, stylish and protected space to house your automobile or any other vehicle you might own.

But does it save you money?

It’s time to get savvy and get in the know!

When connected to a hardy water storage tank and fitted with the appropriate tools, a carport is an effective way to save water and save you money.

Every dollar counts

A smart home should suit all your needs.

It needs to have enough space to house your family.

It should be cooled and heated accordingly.

And most importantly, your home should fit within your regular household budget.

Let’s face it: the cost of living rarely experiences a downward trend.

Groceries, gas, phone bills, electricity, the cost of water and other utilities – it all adds up when the list is never-ending!

Running a household is an expensive task.

But at Australian Outdoor Living, we want you to have more money to spend on life’s little luxuries, the fun things that make us happy.

We want to know, if you had all the money in the world what would you spend it on?

Perhaps you might do more fun activities with your friends and family?

Or maybe even plan a trip overseas.

Take the kids and create memories to be remembered. Every dollar adds up!

And every dollar you save is a step closer to living the life you want.

It is estimated that rainwater collected from a family home can amass to over 38,000 litres annually.

This can potentially swipe hundreds of dollars from your water bill. Pretty astounding, huh? What a saving!

What would that extra money mean to you and your family?

A tight budget can be tiring. Sure, you earn enough money to cover the weekly groceries.

But when you want to buy Lindt instead of Cadbury, it’s nice to be able to indulge without a second thought!

Is it time you started saving your rainwater?

Sustainable living in the city

How to save money and water with a carport  - 3 Keys to a Water-Saving Carport, Australian Outdoor Living.
3 keys to a water-saving carport.

Australia is an environmentally-conscious country.

How could we not be?

With our beautifully barren deserts and rugged bush land, the Aussie environment is quintessential.

A true-blue and sure-fire way to renew and reuse the Earth’s precious resources is through the effective collection of rainwater from a carport.

So much of this epic country is often plagued with drought.

Our water resources are precious and we’ve learned to live within tight restrictions to reduce our environmental footprint.

We stick to four-minute showers, restrain ourselves from watering the garden excessively and have sad-looking dusty cars because we can only wash them every other day.

But with a carport you’ll have more gutters you can connect up to the house drainage system – and that means you can collect more water into your storage tank.

Imagine not having to restrict yourself to odd-days to hose down your lawn or scrub off the new layer of dust on the car from your latest outback adventure!

Australian Outdoor Living wants you to unleash your inner greenie, and start to think ‘environmentally friendly.’

As Australians we are blessed with such a beautiful environment.

It is up to us to take care of it.

And you know what? Being sustainable at home is the perfect place to start!

3 keys to a water-saving carport

In order to make the very most of your water-catching capabilities you need to know the tools, tricks and top tips to salvage the maximum amount of that money-saving elixir. Oh wait, we mean water.

1. Install a water collection tank

It’s a little obvious we know, but having a sturdy water tank connected to the gutter of your carport is integral. Water tanks can be purchased in a range of different sizes.

Make sure you choose the right size to suit the size of your family and water needs and that gutter fittings are tightly sealed.

2. Incorporate gutter mesh systems

A Gutter Mesh system will help ensure that the gutters of your carport do not become blocked with leaves and debris. A fine mesh placed over the gutter trough will allow for optimal catchment and drainage.

3. Fit gutter down pipes with rain heads

Similar to gutter mesh systems, rain heads work to keep the flow of rainwater clean and free of dirt, bugs, leaves and other debris. They also help to keep mosquitos and other flying bugs out of the drainage pipe, reducing the need for purifying chlorines and water treatments.

Read here for some home security tips from Australian Outdoor Living.

Ready to renovate?

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