What is ‘interest free finance’ and how will it benefit me?

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What is ‘interest free finance’ and how will it benefit me?

Have you ever looked into buying something that’s maybe just out of your price range?

If you have, you’ve probably heard the term ‘interest free finance’.

‘Interest free finance’ essentially means you pay an item off through installments rather than paying for it outright when you buy it.

The benefit to this is that unlike a bank or personal loan, you don’t pay interest.

If you’ve ever looked at the terms and conditions of a finance agreement you’ll know that all the information can make things a little cloudy.

There are lots of technical terms and fine print, and it can leave people a little confused about what they’re actually agreeing to.

What is interest free finance?

If you decide you want to purchase something but can’t afford to pay for it right there and then, we’ll give you the option to use our interest free terms.

You’ll be able to have your product installed without delay and then repay the cost monthly, rather than with a lumpsum payment.

At Australian Outdoor Living we offer a number of different interest free options, so we can work with you to find the one to best suit your needs.

How does it work?

First off, if you’re looking at interest free finance for a purchase at Australian Outdoor Living, you need to make sure you let us know as early in the purchasing process as possible.

This is important because it will give our team time to find a plan to suit you.

 We use various interest free finance companies that offer a range of terms.

To put it simply, one of these companies will offer you an interest free period on your purchase, and then you’ll pay them back via an instalment plan over the period of time you’ve agreed to.

Typically, you’ll need to make an initial investment where you’ll pay a small percentage of the product before making the agreed upon monthly repayments.

On top of this, there may be a small account fee that will be charged with the first monthly repayment – this will be made clear to you before you sign the contract.

The length of time you’ll have to pay back the amount borrowed will depend on what offers we’re running at the time you purchase your product.

These offers will change depending on the time of year, but our team will take you through all the details of your particular offer and interest free plan – answering any questions you might have along the way.

What is ‘interest free finance’ and how will it benefit me - Interest free finance can be a great way for you to afford something a little out of your price range, Australian Outdoor Living.
Interest free finance can be a great way for you to afford something a little out of your price range.

Will financing a product cost me more than buying it outright?


As we mentioned earlier in the article, the only additional cost associated with financing a product is a small account fee.

You will be made aware of this fee when you choose to finance your purchase, to make sure there are no associated or hidden costs that you don’t know about.

What interest free finance options do we offer?

We run a variety of promotions and offers that change on a regular basis, so it can be difficult to properly outline our full range of options.

When you’re ready, our staff will take you through all the options available to make sure you’re completely informed and totally happy before you sign on the dotted line.

It’s important to remember that we aren’t financial advisors, but we’ll make sure we work closely with you to find the best option to suit your needs.

We have the best interests of our customers at heart, so you can be sure we’ll always guide you to the best financial offer.

Do I need to organise interest free finance before calling Australian Outdoor Living?

You do not.

Give us a call and request a free measure and quote – we’ll do the rest.

One of our design consultants will come out and provide you with a no obligation quote, as well as take you through the best finance options to suit your personal situation.

Do we offer interest free finance on all products?

We offer interest free finance on all products, except for our range of fibreglass and concrete fibreglass swimming pools.

The offers for each product will change from month to month, but you will always have the option to finance your purchase.

Unfortunately we do have a maximum finance limit of $25,000 – so if you’re looking to finance something more expensive than that, you’ll be up for a larger upfront cost.

This means that you’ll just need to pay whatever the difference is between $25,000 and the total cost of your purchase.

For example, if the product you’re financing costs $30,000, you’ll need to pay a minimum of $5,000 upfront via cash, bank transfer or credit card, plus whatever upfront costs your finance plan requires.

You can discuss financing options with our sales consultants during the free measure and quote.

Why do we offer interest free finance?

Here at Australian Outdoor Living, we’re of the belief that anyone, regardless of their circumstances, should be able to love their life outdoors.

It’s our promise to you that we will always strive to find the best possible deal and offer to suit your lifestyle.

After all, our customers are the reason we are now such a well-recognised and respected Australian brand.

Contact us today!

Interest free finance isn’t scary, it’s just a way for you to buy your Australian Outdoor Living project now, meaning you can enjoy your piece of the outdoors as soon as possible.

Our products range from outdoor blinds, swimming pools and artificial lawns to roller shutters, pergolas and verandahs – come and see us today if you’re considering improving your outdoor living space!

Disclaimer: All Australian Outdoor Living finance options are subject to lending criteria. Minimum spends, terms and conditions apply. Please ensure you read and understand all documentation prior to signing.


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