Balinese Style Villa

How to Turn Your Backyard into a Balinese Style Villa

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Summer holidays are just around the corner and has many of us dreaming of a Bali getaway. So why not bring the holiday destination to you with a Balinese style makeover for your backyard. Balinese architecture is one of the most popular Asian architectural styles, due to its mixture of traditional and modern elements seamlessly blended to create an incredible impact.

Discover how to bring Bali to your backyard with a villa-inspired makeover.

General aesthetics

Heavily influenced by Hindu traditions, Balinese architecture is a centuries-old style of design. The Balinese style boasts an overall luxurious feel, highlighting the laid-back nature of Balinese culture and helping you feel as though you’ve been whisked away to a tropical destination.

There are 7 key philosophies that Balinese architecture revolves around, each aiming to achieve organised, harmonious spaces. The ‘Tri Mandala’ philosophy speaks to the requirement of spacing or distinctive ‘zones’. Creating these dedicated areas will help you to decide where to place your outdoor structures, furniture and decorative elements in your backyard.

Material selection

Balinese design often reflects the local way of life, giving the distinct feeling of being in harmony with nature. Incorporating natural materials in your design will help to bring this relaxed atmosphere to your backyard.

Teak wood, stone and bricks are just a few of the materials commonly used in a traditional Bali villa. Timber decking is a great way to incorporate a natural texture in your backyard. Wood finishes like Merbau and Jarrah create a strong foundation for your Balinese makeover.

Timber decking

Bamboo and cane are also prominent in Balinese design. Incorporate these types of materials in your backyard by creating a decorative bamboo fence to add a touch of natural beauty. Alternatively, create bamboo screens to partition areas for more privacy. Furniture selection is another way to bring these textures into your backyard. Armchairs, sofas, or an outdoor dining setting are popular and stylish inclusions.

Outdoor living

Colour choices

To create the feeling of being in a Balinese resort, opt for neutral tones and darker shades. Select only a few colours to work with for your entire backyard design; a minimal colour palette will help to create a soothing atmosphere to spend time in.

Earthy tones such as brown, blue-grey and green will help bring nature into your design, while fresh shades of white and yellow will help to keep the space light and airy. By selecting deeper tones for your flooring and a blend of neutrals and earthy tones in other areas of your design, you’ll draw the eye up while creating the ideal relaxing atmosphere.

Key pieces

Relaxation nook

Create a space dedicated to relaxation – a staple in Bali villas, these spaces are used to encourage meditation and mindfulness. Select an area in your backyard that can offer privacy and some quietness.

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds or a set of linen curtains are a great way to close off a space when it’s needed for seclusion, and you can open it up again when you want to utilise the entire area. Additions such as a day bed and plenty of large throw cushions will instantly give your backyard that resort feeling.

Swimming pool

No Balinese resort is complete without the addition of a swimming pool. Bali villas will generally contain lap pools, while those with a higher luxury status such as those found in Canggu feature pools with infinity edges. By completing a backyard check to see what style of pool would suit your outdoor space is a good starting point. Water features are a popular addition for swimming pools, creating a tranquil atmosphere while blocking out background noise – a great feature, particularly if you live in a busy area.

Water feature

For an added touch of resort-style luxury, features such as lighting, water jets and seating can be incorporated into your swimming pool design.

Swimming pool

Often paired with swimming pools are small, stand-alone pergolas and pool side structures, as this is where much of your time is spent. As well as keeping you out of the harsh sun, these types of structures can make a statement in your outdoor space.

Living outdoors

Spending time in and around nature is a pillar of Balinese life and is central to their design concept. Commonly, Balinese villas feature very few enclosed spaces; instead, they opt for large, open plan living spaces featuring everything from a dining area to outdoor bathrooms.

Having ways to connect with your natural surroundings is an essential in designing your villa-inspired backyard. Incorporate ways to spend more time in your outdoor area with the addition of an outdoor living area, dedicated dining space or even an outdoor kitchen.

Finishing touches

Complete your Balinese villa-style backyard makeover with touches of green and luxurious accessories.

Lush greenery is key to bringing your Balinese villa to life. Think tropical plants such as Birds of Paradise, palms, bamboo and hibiscus flowers. An abundance of these types of plants in your backyard will have you feeling like you’ve arrived at your holiday destination.

Bring added textural elements into your backyard with the addition of cane or wicker furniture. Keep larger items to a neutral colour palette and introduce subtle pops of colour with cushions and throw blankets.

For added warmth in your outdoor space, invest in earthy ceramics and woven homewares. Balinese villas often feature significant spiritual figures in the form of small statues, which can be placed along pathways or in garden beds.

Finally, bask in your tranquil Balinese paradise with the inclusion of a water wall or fountain. These are great options if you are limited on space but want to incorporate an element of flowing water in your backyard design.

If you’re ready to take a trip to Bali in your own backyard, fill in the free measure and quote form at the top of this article and we can help you get started!

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