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Shade Blinds Turned Projector Screen: A Movie Room Transformation!

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Turn your home into an home cinema with outdoor blinds

Who said outdoor blinds have to be used ONLY to shelter you from the sun, wind and rain?

Who said they even had to be installed outdoors? Certainly not Donna from Brisbane.

This week, Donna wrote in to thank us for her latest home addition:

I want to send a big thank you to Australian Outdoor Living for our very large projector screen!

That’s right. Donna had the inspiring idea of installing our Bella Vista Shade Blinds as a movie screen in her own indoor theatre room.

Outdoor shade Blinds Turned Projector Screen: A Movie Room Transformation - Turn your home into an home cinema with Outdoor Blinds, Australian Outdoor Living.
Outdoor shade blinds turned projector screen: A movie room transformation!

Why it works?

We all know how pesky unwanted light can be when we’re trying to watch a movie.

Our shade blinds can be fitted into any space up to 5 metres in width, which means they can eliminate any light bleeding through potential gaps and remove distracting glare.

You can use smaller roller blinds, but as you can see from Donna’s picture, they don’t work nearly as well.

They generally only come in thin strips and you’ll never be able to align their edges perfectly to eliminate gaps altogether.

Shade Blinds Turned Projector Screen: A Movie Room Transformation - Outdoor shade blinds used indoors, Australian Outdoor Living.
Outdoor shade blinds used indoors.

Another bonus point for shade blinds: they’re retractable, making them a perfect projector screen in a room suited to various activities.

During the day, you could have a sunlit children’s play area.

But when the sun sets and the kids are put to bed, you can pull the screen down to transform the space into your own private theatre.

Sounds like bliss!

And don’t worry about ugly straps, ropes or pulleys messing up your room either.

The Bella Vista range of outdoor blinds has none of these unsightly contraptions.

If you’re really looking for a quality projector screen, you want something that’s completely flat so it doesn’t distort the movie image.

Luckily, our outdoor blinds use a simple winding mechanism to create tension on the blind.

This guarantees a flat surface and minimises warping and creases for blemish-free viewing!

When it comes to looks, you can’t go past the ceramic-coloured shade blinds.

Matte white or colours close to white are the best projection screen choices; they promise the best representation of the movie’s colours, give you a high resolution, and reduce glare.

It’s not all about the looks either (although it certainly counts for a lot!).

If you want the true cinematic experience, you’ll want to eliminate distracting noises.

Shade blinds offer a tight, thick weave that contributes to noise reduction and acoustic absorption.

But of course, if you want to totally eradicate sounds, you’ll really want to install some black-out and noise-reducing roller shutters outside the windows.

How to create a home movie night to remember?

Shade Blinds Turned Projector Screen: A Movie Room Transformation - Create a night to remember using outdoor shade blinds, Australian Outdoor Living.
Create a night to remember using outdoor shade blinds.

Of course, once you’ve installed these blinds, you’re going to want to show off your new room to all your friends, as we’re sure Donna must have done.

To be fair, outdoor shade blinds will allow a little bit of light through (they’re not opaque blinds after all) so it’s best you stick to night-time use – unless you’ve also installed those roller shutters on the outside.

Place your projection screen at the back of the room and cover the floor in soft beanbags or plush sofas and armchairs.

Pick your movie choices – or hook up the Xbox – butter up some homemade popcorn, dim the lights, and you’re good to go!

Why not create your own outdoor cinema?

Donna installed these outdoor blinds indoors, but that doesn’t mean you should follow suit.

If you don’t have an interior room spare for this kind of makeover, why not look outside?

With this simple installation, you can double the entertaining purposes of your verandah or pergola.

You won’t just be creating a new moonlight theatre space; you’ll also make your outdoor area more available during the day, with the shade blinds offering a shield from the strong sun or winter chills that typically send you indoors.

With ceramic shade outdoor blinds, you can throw a bunch of deck chairs – or an elegant outdoor sectional – in front of your newly-made screen, butter up some homemade popcorn, wait for sunset, and enjoy your little backyard paradise!

Donna thanked us, but really we have to thank her for this innovation.

It’s not often we see this, but her project proves just how versatile outdoor blinds can be!

Ready to renovate?

If you’re as tempted as we are by this awesome idea, you’ll probably want to check out some of our other resources:

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