Top Tips to Stay Cool by the Pool

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Keep cool by the pool this summer 

Summer in Australia can often mean chilling out in the pool with friends, family and the neighbours’ pesky kid.

A cool and relaxed poolside gathering; is there anything more Australian?

But don’t let the sweltering summertime get the better of you.

Here are our 5 top tips to stay cool by the backyard pool.

1. Stay cool in the latest poolside trends

Everyday fashion and outdoor trends are always changing.

With so many up-and-coming Aussie designers thrown into the mix, these days it’s easy to always look your best.

For the kids, we like to keep it old school.

Since the 60s, Australian brands such as Roxy, Billabong and Rip Curl have been making high quality, durable threads.

Your kids will love the colourful prints in comfy, clean-cut styles.

Head to your local city-surf store and check out the bright bathing suits, complete with all the coolest beads and tassels.

Top Tips to Stay Cool by the Pool - Stay cool in the latest poolside trends, Australian Outdoor Living.
Top tips to stay cool by the pool.

2. Slip, slop & slap to avoid sunburn

Staying cool by the pool isn’t all about rocking the latest threads.

It also means keeping your cool and avoiding sun damage to your skin.

There is simply no better way to say it: Slip, Slop, Slap.

That is slip on a t-shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat.

Catchy, cool and oh-so easy to understand, get your kids to chime along and make it a summertime habit.

The Aussie sun is hot! And with climate change, it’s only getting hotter.

Although skin cancer research and prevention is improving, it’s still so important our kids know the red hot facts of sunburn.

3. Chill out with your favourite beverage

Is there a better feeling than the icy tingle of a cool, crisp drink slipping down your throat?

Keep your cool from the inside out in the sweltering summer sun.

Get creative in the kitchen and get the kids involved with these two super fruity, and super sweet poolside recipes.

If you fancy something fruity, try this super-delish Floating Raspberry Mocktail:

For a pool side drink that is sure to entertain the kids, whip up this Under the Sea Blue Raspberry Lemonade Sherbet Party Punch:

Top Tips to Stay Cool by the Pool - Chill out with your favourite beverage, Australian Outdoor Living.
Chill out with your favourite beverage.

Photo Credit: Food, Family & Finds.

4. Rock out with the very best poolside tunes

Whether you have caught the ‘Beiber Fever’ or have a soft spot for old school tunes, no pool is complete without a rocking CD, radio or iPod to groove to.

But when choosing your perfect pool playlist, there are a few things you need to consider.

How are you going to play your music?

We recommend purchasing a separate set of speakers especially for your backyard.

It’s good to have a separate pair since being outdoors they’re sure to endure a bit of wear and tear.

Make sure you choose a hardy set.

The type of music you choose will set the poolside mood.

If you are having a chilled-out backyard BBQ with a few close friends and a cider or two, opt for some reggae or some slow and soothing rhythm and blues.

Or if the kids have their friends coming round to splash about, put on some Nicki Minaj, or the latest party tunes for them to sing along and groove to.

5. Get shady

The Aussie summer sun can get searing hot!

Sometimes a t-shirt, sunscreen and wide-brimmed hat just isn’t enough.

Get shady poolside with an outdoor umbrella or pergola.

You can purchase a sturdy outdoor umbrella from your local hardware or variety store, such as K-Mart or Target.

An outdoor umbrella will provide you and your family with a small patch of shade and can be moved around with the changing angles of the sun throughout the day.

When erecting the umbrella, make sure to check for nearby heads and watch that your fingers don’t get caught.

An outdoor umbrella is a great idea if you and your family are sun lovers and only feel the need for shade when the sun is sweltering hot.

Alternatively, and for a more permanent shade solution, you can recreate the outdoor space with a pergola.

A pergola allows you to extend the inside of your home outdoors.

Like another room of your house, it creates a sheltered area to protect you and your family from the sun and (at times) unpredictable Aussie elements.

If you want to see what a pergola might look like in your backyard, you can check out our huge range in the Australian Outdoor Living gallery.

In summertime Aussies feel the heat!

But with this 5-step guide you and your family can stay cool by the pool and make the most of the summer months.

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