FAQ: Are your outdoor blinds Australian made?

Our sister company, Universal Blind Assembly (UBA), manufactures all of our outdoor blinds in their factory in Regency Park.

We are a proud Australian company and we firmly believe that our South Australian factory is capable of manufacturing the best outdoor blinds on the market.  

We’re 100 per cent committed to making our outdoor blinds in South Australia. 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Outdoor Blinds can be rolled up using a number of different mechanisms. Some Outdoor Blinds on the market use manual pulley or cord systems, gear tensioned systems, manual articulated rod systems, retractable systems or automatic motorized operating systems.
Outdoor Roller Blinds work as an exterior blind that are generally used on outdoor spaces such as Pergolas, Verandahs and Patios. Many home owners consider installing Outdoor Blinds to enhance and extend their outdoor living space.
Taking steps to clean and maintain your Plastic Outdoor Blinds will help you prolong the life of your outdoor blinds, save money in the long run and keep them looking their best.

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