Why do we recommend a solid plate?

To achieve an optimal cooking surface, we recommend a solid plate. Available in mild steel or stainless steel, our Australian made cooktops dispenses heat quickly and evenly for the perfect teppanyaki style cooking. Thanks to its uniform heat distribution, this means the entire cooking surface can be utilised, giving even and consistent results during every cook. Plus, with a solid plate, clean up after cooking is simple – easily scrape any remaining fat and grease into the fat trap for disposal. For a deep clean, the hotplate can easily be removed entirely from the brace and replaced once cleaning is completed.

Alternatively, we also offer a mild steel or stainless steel grill plate option, allowing you to cook a wide range of dishes in an efficient manner. Our grill plates provide the ideal surface for grilling vegetables and meats like steaks or sausages, creating a nice and crispy with that classic smoky flavour.

Whether you are seeking a teppanyaki or flamed-grill style cooking experience, we have the perfect option to suit your needs and preferences.

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