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Fibreglass Pools

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Imagine converting your desolate, under-utilised, sun-scorched backyard into a tranquil haven providing cool respite from the scorching Aussie heat. Imagine you could transform your desert-like backyard into an urban oasis – not to mention every child’s idea of paradise.

Then imagine you could be enjoying it in a matter of weeks – with our fibreglass pool option this pipe dream can be a reality, in virtually no time at all.

Fibreglass Pools Design

Traditional and contemporary styles are served by the huge choice in designs and colour combinations, with various depths and models that can accommodate spa areas and even tables.

Where fitting a concrete pool can be something of a major building work project, a fibreglass pool has a no hassle installation which takes around 7-10 days.

Lots of in-built safety features include step-ledges and non-slip, non-abrasive edges. The major advantage of a fibreglass pool option is that maintenance is also extremely simple. Once the pool is installed you can rest assured that you’ll be able to keep it clean and tidy with minimal effort.

For peace of mind where children are involved, a water level hand rail can be installed to ensure there’s always something to grab hold of if required. Longer term, the ability for fibreglass to flex as the earth moves means that it is resistant to cracking and leaking too.

Why Choose Our Fibreglass Pools?

At Australian Outdoor Living, we partner with the best designers and manufacturers in swimming pool innovation, such as MagnaPool and Barrier Reef Pools, to ensure your fibreglass pool is top-of-the-line. We’re also a SPASA Pool Builder Member so you can be sure of a quality pool design and build.


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View Range

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  • Member of SA Swimming Pool Association.
  • No hassle installation takes around 7-10 days.
  • Safety features – step-ledge, non-slip, no abrasive edges.
  • 25 year structural warranty on pool shell.
  • Maintenance is a breeze
Useful Fibreglass Pools Resources

Useful Fibreglass Pools Resources

We want you to be happy with your new fibreglass pool, so our experts have compiled their best advice to help you make the most of it.



  • Toughened glass that flexes with the earth
  • Barrier Reef Pools 25 year structural warranty,
  • Their built-in UV and fade resistance
  • Derakane epoxy vinyl ester resin – waterproof and insurance against attack by chemical agents and corrosion
  • No limit to the shapes and colours for your pools
Barrier Reef Pools

Barrier Reef Pools

Barrier Reef Pools is a global leader in fibreglass swimming pool manufacturing technology.  Although Australian standards demand a minimum thickness of materials, Barrier Reef’s designs routinely exceed this requirement by as much as 50%.

We look to provide the highest quality pools, safe in the knowledge that they can withstand anything that nature can throw at them. Barrier Reef Pools are also finished with an Aqua Guard FGI gel coat that is specifically designed for sun-soaked climates. Built-in UV and fade resistant qualities include a layer of Derakane epoxy vinyl ester resin which also protects against attack by chemical agents and corrosion. The smooth gel-coat finish means there’s no need for tiling and it never needs repainting.

At Australian Outdoor Living we pride ourselves on giving our customers the maximum amount of choice and flexibility and Barrier Reef Pools are a perfect example of this.

MagnaPool Mineral Swimming Pools

MagnaPool Mineral Swimming Pools


Another reason to choose Australian Outdoor Living as your pool provider is because we’re proud to be the only Fibreglass Pool Builder in SA supplying the popular MagnaPool system.

A MagnaPool is specially formulated to mirror nature’s blueprints. It works to naturally sanitise your pool by employing a well-balanced system inspired by Mother Nature’s and with the aid of modern science.

From the earth’s great cycle of water, down to the placement of each and every atom, nature creates its own balance and order. For millions of years, oceans have maintained balance between their inhabitants and the waters they populate.

MagnaPool mimics nature’s effortless design and fits within the greater scheme of natural order. Just the way Mother Nature intended!

Where traditional salt-water pools contribute to high salinity levels in the environment and chlorine pools dose chemically laden wastewater back into the water cycle, a complete MagnaPool system wastes no water.

That’s because MagnaPool naturally maintains balance within its own water without disrupting the balance of the greater water cycle. We like to see MagnaPool as the Perrier or Evian of swimming pools.

MagnaPool Brochure  |  MagnaPool System Datasheet  |  Testimonals



Australian Outdoor Living have partnered with the largest manufacturer of inground fibreglass  swimming pools in Australia: Barrier Reef Pools, in order to offer  the highest quality pool shell there is.

After investing many years into the design and construction of the impressive pool range, Barrier Reef Pools are the only fibreglass pool manufacturer to be awarded the Australian Standards 5 Tick Certified Product Award.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you really are getting the best – assured by SAI Global (Australian Standard approval authority).

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We are so sure you will love your new Barrier reef fibreglass pool that we guarantee it

  • 25 Year pool shell structure
  • 5 Year building

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Available In

Our Process

No obligation design consultation – Once we’ve received your request for a free measure and quote, we’ll give you a call to further discuss what you’re looking for in a fibreglass pool and arrange for one of our expert design consultants to come to your home to further assess your requirements. We know your life is busy, so we work around you when arranging an appointment. Our consultants are even available on evenings and weekends.

Custom designs – After our designer has had a chat to you and taken a look at your property, they will go back and prepare for you a customised design and installation solution. If you are happy to proceed after being presented with the design, we’ll set a check-measure date to ensure we’ve got everything right, and start preparing for installation.

Permits – You won’t need to worry at all about dealing with the council as we will submit all designs, drawings and permit applications on your behalf. We do this as soon as you have approved your design to ensure minimal delay.

Set the installation date – As soon as we’ve received approval from your council, we’ll get in touch with you to discuss an installation date. We understand that you want to be able to enjoy your new pool sooner rather than later, which is why we’re proud to offer a 4 week build guarantee*.

* 4 week build guarantee is from date of council approval.

Installation – The day is here and so is the team from Australian Outdoor Living, on time and ready to get going. During each step of the installation process, your Production Manager will be available to you via phone to answer any questions you may have about your fibreglass pool.

Peace of mind – Once your pool installation is complete, we ask you to sign our customer satisfaction form. If you are not 100% satisfied, we won’t stop working on your project until you are. We take pride in our work and know its the highest quality, that’s why at the end of your project, we can guarantee your fibreglass pool.