How to Add Value to Your Home with a Concrete Pool

Add value to your home with a concrete pool 

With the weather warming up, you may be considering installing that outdoor concrete pool you always wanted so that it’s ready in time for summer.

If you have any reservations, rest assured!

Recent surveys have found that installing a concrete pool in your backyard can help add value to your home.

It’s a win-win; you have the pool in your garden to enjoy today, but you can also reap the benefits of a backyard pool later when it comes time to sell up, since pools add both appeal and value to your home.

Earlier this year, realestate.com.au reported that 21% of Australians said the pool held the number one spot on their renovating wish-lists, the second most popular renovation option listed.

Splash Magazine also recently cited a survey that found 90% of pool owners believed their pool added value to their property.

So how exactly will a concrete pool improve the value of your property?

1. It provides respite from heat

Naturally, the most popular reason to get a concrete pool is to have some respite from the overwhelming Aussie heat in summer.

In Australia especially, it makes sense to have a pool: the Aussie weather is made for backyard swimming!

In particular, pools give added glamour to inland properties, where the heat can be overbearing in summer, but where there’s a lack of natural swimming holes to retreat to.

But that doesn’t mean coastal properties don’t also benefit from a backyard pool.

Sure, you may be near the ocean waves, but sometimes it’s more fun – and more convenient – to have a calmer, warmer little oasis in your backyard.

There’s privacy and a calm space for you to float on your back without being pounded by waves.

Plus – don’t get us started on the sand you find EVERYWHERE for months afterward!

How to Add Value to Your Home with a Concrete Pool - How to Add Value to Your Home with a Concrete Pool, Australian Outdoor Living.
How to add value to your home with a concrete pool.

2. A concrete pool adds home appeal to family buyers

What family – especially one with younger kids – isn’t tempted by a home with a pool when they’re looking at relocating to greener pastures?

We all know how suffocating heat can put kids in a bad mood.

And when you’re having to deal with that stifling weather yourself, whining children can be the last straw.

A concrete pool offers families a chance to get outdoors on those hot days and enjoy each other’s company whilst cooling down.

A much better option than being impatient with one another when the heat gets too much!

Parents with pools find themselves hoping the mercury will rise so they’ll have an excuse to get outside and bond with their kids under the sun and in the cool of their pool.

When families see a backyard pool on offer with their dream home, they’ll automatically think of the change of lifestyle for the better that awaits them.

And that guarantees your property will head to the top of their list to buy.

How to Add Value to Your Home with a Concrete Pool - A concrete pool adds home appeal to family buyers, Australian Outdoor Living.
A concrete pool adds home appeal to family buyers.

3. A concrete pool offers improved quality of life

Speaking of improved lifestyle, swimming pools appeal to all manner of potential homebuyers for the changed quality of life they know they’ll enjoy in their new home.

With your custom-designed concrete pool, your home will look like a dream paradise, a resort potential homebuyers can retreat to; after a long day at work and on hot summer weekends.

Whether they’re sitting by the pool sipping pina coladas, hosting a successful pool party, or getting a vigorous workout freestyling through the cool water, these pools offer endless health and lifestyle benefits.

And that guarantee of a fuller outdoors lifestyle, will appeal to any homebuyer.

How to Add Value to Your Home with a Concrete Pool - A concrete pool offers improved quality of life, Australian Outdoor Living.
A concrete pool offers improved quality of life.

4. A concrete pool makes your property look more appealing

Arguably the best way concrete pools can add value to your property is through the way it improves the appearance of your backyard.

Gone is wasted, disused space. With a concrete pool, you can landscape your backyard exactly how you always imagined it.

Your backyard will be a useful space, with every bit of it having its own purpose.

The huge benefit is their malleability – anything goes!

You can have the design you always wanted, so your pool will be totally unique to your property.

If you have a smaller backyard, you can select a smaller, stylish swimming pool.

But you can just as easily choose a large or deep pool to complement a grander outdoor space.

Even better, these pools can be designed to suit the existing architecture of your home to look as though it was made to belong.

It’ll simply look like an appealing extension of the home.

Think of your favourite holiday resort you like to visit.

Think of the way the swimming pool fits with its surrounds, enticing you outdoors, whether it’s to enjoy a drink by the pool or have a dip.

With a concrete pool, you can have that little bit of paradise in your very own backyard.

Even better, any visitors to your home will feel as relaxed and comfortable as if they were on holiday.

And that feeling will undoubtedly appeal to all those who are looking for a home and lifestyle upgrade.

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How to Add Value to Your Home with a Concrete Pool - A concrete pool makes your property look more appealing, Australian Outdoor Living.
A concrete pool makes your property look more appealing.

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