Artificial grass is fantastic for dogs and kids!

Are you thinking about installing artificial grass in your backyard, but worried about whether artificial grass is good for dogs or kids?

Don’t stress! In this post we explain why Australian Outdoor Living’s range of quality artificial lawns are great for dogs and kids.

Our artificial grass feels great, is soft to play on, allergy free and does not contain harsh chemicals or heavy metals that could be harmful to your family.

It also has great drainage, and best of all it’s low maintenance!

Is artificial grass good for dogs and kids - Artificial grass is fantastic for dogs and kids, Australian Outdoor Living.
Artificial grass is fantastic for dogs and kids!

Artificial grass is soft to play on

Australian Outdoor Living’s range of artificial grass looks and feels exactly the way real grass does. It’s completely safe for children and dogs to play on and is soft enough for them to roll around on.

The fibres of artificial grass are soft beneath their feet and in our experience, we’ve found that dogs and cats treat it exactly as they do natural lawn.

We offer four varieties of artificial lawn: Fairway, Augusta, Savannah Broad Leaf and Multisport – all of which offer different levels of softness.

That means you won’t have any trouble finding an artificial lawn that is perfect for you and your family.

Is artificial grass good for dogs and kids - Artificial grass is soft for kids to play on, Australian Outdoor Living.
Artificial grass is soft enough for kids to play on!

Artificial grass is allergy free

Natural grass can contain a lot of rye grass and dust.

These are the two main culprits of that annoying spring and summer hay fever, which unfortunately can be nearly impossible to control in your backyard.

Artificial grass from Australian Outdoor Living has minimal dust and weeds, meaning you’ll experience less nasty allergies from your backyard.

Synthetic lawns are also a great deterrent to ticks and fleas because they don’t provide them the benefits that natural lawns do. This is great if your pets love rolling around on the grass!

Our synthetic grasses let you say goodbye to spiky prickles. Gone are the days of your kids kicking and screaming when you’re trying to pull one of those out of their feet.

Artificial grass has no harsh chemicals or heavy metals

Natural lawn requires both strong fertilisers and harsh weed killers to ensure that it remains looking good.

Those chemicals contain allergens and carcinogens which are not only harmful to your kids and dogs, but are also not good for the environment.

Artificial grass on the other hand is free of heavy metals and does not contain any hazardous chemicals or pesticides, making artificial grass good if you have dogs and kids.

Is artificial grass good for dogs and kids - Artificial grass has no harsh chemicals or heavy metals, Australian Outdoor Living.
Artificial grass has no harsh chemicals or heavy metals.

Artificial grass remains dry

Most pet owners and parents have gone through the annoyance of kids and dogs playing on a wet lawn then running through the house with their muddy feet and paws.

Our quality synthetic lawns have amazing drainage features. To guarantee that water is able to drain through artificial grass in a similar way to natural grass, our artificial lawns have a perforated backing mat to make sure rain and water drain away efficiently.

This is also works well for pet urine!

Or, if your pet decides to do a number 2, just pick it up like you usually would with natural grass. All you have to do after that is spray down the area with your garden hose to ensure there’s no stain or smell left on your lawn.

Artificial grass is low maintenance

This, hands down, is our favourite benefit of artificial grass.

Our range of artificial lawns are low maintenance!

Although you may not immediately think this is beneficial for your kids and dogs, just think of all the times they’ve nagged you to hurry up and finish mowing the lawn.

With artificial lawns there’s no mowing, edging or the need for fertilisers.

If you would like more information on how our quality artificial lawns are good for dogs and kids, get in contact with us today!

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