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We’re excited to join forces with Jimmy and Tam, winners of The Block 2020. Our partnership with the dynamic duo involved transforming their breathtaking outdoor space into an entertainer’s paradise. Explore this page to unveil the details behind our collaboration and how we help to bring their backyard dreams to life.

So there’s actually a couple of reasons we wanted artificial lawn in the backyard. There’s an area of that section that literally doesn’t see Sun. Growing grass was nearly impossible. The other reason for it, was that we wanted it to be low maintenance. We wanted it to look good all year round.

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Outdoor Kitchen

Jimmy and Tam’s Outdoor Kitchen is a striking blend of modern functionality and mid-century design, serving as the focal point of their outdoor haven.

The white cabinetry beautifully complements the durable ‘Catalina Marble’ benchtop, offering both style and practicality for entertaining and outdoor cooking.

Colour Choices

Bench top - Dark Concrete

Cabinetry - White Suede

Added Extras

Jimmy and Tam’s Outdoor Kitchen is fully equipped to perfectly suit their cooking style. Featuring a stainless-steel grill, hotplate, roasting hood, and vegetable basket, ensuring a versatile cooking experience.

Artificial Lawn

Jimmy and Tam’s backyard was transformed with our ‘Savannah’ Artificial Lawn, mirroring the lushness of natural grass.

Its taller pile and wide blades offer year-round vibrant green beauty and low upkeep, aligning seamlessly with their lifestyle.

Lawn Choice

Savannah Broad Leaf


Frankie absolutely loves the Artificial Grass. There’s not a day that goes by that she’s not doing cartwheels and handstands up and down the grass with her friends. They do little dance parties and all that sort of stuff. The dogs love it. They scratch their back on it. So it’s massively changed how we live and use that space. Huge.

Jimmy & Tam - Winners of The Block 2020 | Our Outdoor Kitchens and Artificial Lawn Brand Ambassador

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