Have a Sloped Property? Consider a Timber Deck Plan


A house in the hills. Beautiful countryside or urban elegance. But with it comes a few setbacks. A house in a hilly area may feature a sloping block that poses landscaping difficulties. But don’t worry. A sloped block of land can embody a lot of potential if you know how to plan it right.

And that’s where a timber deck plan can come into play. Timber decking is the perfect way to make the most of your tilting terrain. It gives you an easy space to move about on. An outdoor room you can make the most of.

With your timber deck plan, you can consider a timber deck size that takes the gradient into account. You can create a level outdoor space even as your lawn slopes downwards. With one simple plan, you can transform your backyard. You can create a unique backyard space.

Here are some ways timber decking is invaluable for your pitched garden patch…


You Can Include Safety in Your Timber Deck Plan

You might have hyperactive children or excitable pets. Either way, they’re going to run about, no matter your backyard topography. Better to prevent a steep downhill tumble by providing a level play space.

Timber decking provides a safe and level area of outdoor ground for your kids and pets to play on. You can incorporate safety components into your timber deck plan. A balustrade, for example, to protect the tykes from the drop below. Or a roof to give them some relief from the sun.

And for those with walking difficulties or disabilities? With timber decking, they’re no longer confined to the dark indoors. They’ll have a safe, secure space to appreciate nature and enjoy the elements. And they won’t having to worry about how they’ll get around.

You Can Choose Your Ideal Timber Deck Size for Entertainment

It’s almost impossible to find the right space for entertainment on a garden with a defiant slope. But in the planning stage, you can choose your timber deck size to cater to your hosting tastes!

With timber decking, you can double your entertainment space. And you no longer need to worry about culling the guest list. A timber deck will provide an even surface and attractive look. And you can finally think about installing a barbecue and a smart outdoor setting to get the party going.


You Can Enjoy an Elevated View

If you have a sloped backyard, it’s possible you have a beautiful view. Undulating hills. Alpine forests. A striking bay. What have you. Stunning views lure you and your guests outdoors. But if your block drops down, you may not have the space or height to appreciate the vista outdoors.

Imagine it. Venturing outside, cuppa in hand, to make the most of your scenic surroundings. A high vantage point. Your well-cultivated lawn sloping below you. A view of our own little kingdom. And an unimpeded view beyond.

Add some needed privacy

Sometimes a property high up on a block can feel exposed. Exposed not just to the elements, but to prying neighbours. After all, sloping blocks aren’t limited to the countryside. Yours could lead only to a fence and, behind it, your neighbour’s property.

But if lack of privacy is an issue, you can address it in your timber deck plan. With a roof over your deck, you can also add extra privacy to your property with shade blinds or opaque blinds.



Transform Your Property – and Its Value

A sloping block of land can be a tricky bit of business to sell if it hasn’t been well landscaped. Homebuyers may consider the practicalities of a sloping lawn. And the hassle of an unattended gradient could well turn them off.

But a timber deck is a valuable piece of hardscaping. It offers everything we mentioned above – a safe outdoor place for kids, the potential for good views, an outdoor entertaining space … It’s all the hassle taken out of a sloping backyard!

Why Build a Timber Deck in Your Sloped Garden?

A neglected sloping garden is a dead space. It has no use and little beauty. It is a wasted part of your property. And it could impact on your property’s value when it comes time to sell. No one wants a garden that poses too much work!

Just a little creativity in your backyard can transform a problematic area into a unique garden. A garden boasting an entertainment area, play space and retreat all in one.

Build a timber deck on your sloping terrain and you will turn a liability into an asset. There’s no need for your garden to be a hassle just because it slopes a little. Embrace it and realise your garden’s potential.

Ready to Renovate?

At Australian Outdoor Living, we want you to get the most out of your outdoor renovations. Check out our other resources to find out how to maximise your outdoor decking:


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