Mobile Pool Services


Our Extensive Pool & Spa Cleaning Service Includes:

  • A comprehensive health check
  • Ensuring your equipment is up to scratch
  • Checking your water levels
  • Cleaning your pool cover
  • Balancing the water
  • Emptying the skimmer baskets
  • Sweeping your tiles at the water line
  • Vacuuming the area…and so much more!
  • No job too big or small, commercial or residential

Is your pool heating or filtration in need of an upgrade?

Heating Options

Whether you’re lounging by the pool on a hot summer’s day or simply hopping in for an early morning dip, a freezing cold pool is a shock to the system. Making use of a heating system will ensure your pool is refreshing, but not too fresh! With a wide range of heating options available including heat pumps, gas and electric heating, there is a system that will perfectly suit your needs.

Filtration Options

A pool filter is an essential component of a healthy swimming pool, ensuring the water remains free of nasties and safe for swimming. An effective pool filter will ensure your water is always kept clean and crystal clear. Allow us to assist you in choosing the right filter for your pool.

MagnaPool, the mineral filtration option

MagnaPool is a wonderful alternative to salt or chlorinated water options. For those seeking a pool that is gentle and rejuvenating with each and every swim, MagnaPool is the perfect choice. The minerals have healing properties and are exceptionally soft on the skin, hair and eyes.

Pool covers

Pool covers are especially great for the colder months when you’re not heading out for a dip as often. A heavy-duty pool cover will help to keep your pool free from dirt, bugs and leaves when you’re not using it. These nasties can clog your filter, but a good quality pool cover will help keep your filters free of rubbish. Another benefit? They’re also great if you heat your pool in winter and want to keep the water warm for longer. By locking in the heat and preventing the cold air from cooling the pool you’ll have more time to make use of the heated water. A pool cover is a worthy addition for any pool owner.

Healthy Pool, Healthy You!

Don’t jump in before checking your pool. Maybe your pool is cloudy or green, or perhaps your pool pump is making a funny noise? It’s important to service and check your pool regularly to keep your pool healthy. You wouldn’t jump into a dirty bath, right? We perform free water checks on-site. If you are ever in-doubt, drop past and get it checked.

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Want to know what is involved in pool cleaning? Watch this video for tips on how you can maintain your home pool.

It is strongly recommended that you look into a professional pool cleaning and maintenance package to ensure that your pool is properly maintained each year.

Speak to Australian Outdoor Living to discuss your pool maintenance options.


A swimming pool is one of the biggest investments you’ll make, and for good reason.
But just like your home – another big investment – your pool will require some maintenance and possible upgrades over the years.