Add a Personal Touch to Your Backyard with this Super Simple Mosaic Table

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How to create a mosaic table

We love adding a personal touch to our backyards, and a mosaic table is the perfect way to bring your own creative flare into your outdoor living space.

The idea of making your own mosaic may be daunting, but the actual process is pretty simple.

If you’re a little nervous about breaking up your own tiles and working off your own design, then there are plenty of mosaic kits you can buy online to get you started.

You can also download patterns to work from.

If you’re really struggling, Brett Campbell Mosaics offers free online lessons to guide you through the entire process!

Add a Personal Touch to Your Backyard with this Super Simple Mosaic Table - How to create a mosaic table, Australian Outdoor Living.
How to create a mosaic table.

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What you’ll need:

  • Mosaic tiles, broken flooring tiles or decorative plates
  • Thin set mortar
  • Grout
  • Grout sealant or spray sealant
  • Table
  • Large paper
  • Sponge and water

1. Prepare your table

You can use almost any table you like to create your masterpiece, if you’re a first timer, we’d recommend a smaller one to start off with.

Iron work legs will make it a beautifully interesting feature on your verandah or patio, but any table style should work.

(For more of an idea on what you like the look of – head to Google or Pinterest and just have a look!)

Scrub your table squeaky clean before doing anything else.

If it’s an older wooden table, give it a once over with some sand paper to smooth out any rough parts so your table is level – you don’t want bumps later down the track.

Rinse away any residue and let your table dry off.

2. Cut your tiles

There are a number of ways you can cut your tiles depending on the look you’re going for. Use a tile cutter if you want your table neat and prim.

But if you want your imagination to run wild (and need to release some pent-up anger, stress, frustration, or energy), wrap your tiles in a blanket and smash them with a hammer to break them into little pieces.

3. Prepare your pattern

Trace out the shape and size of your table top on a large piece of paper and use it to mock up patterns.

Place your tiles into patterns on the paper.

Once you’re happy with the overall look, leave them in position and use it as a guide to place your tiles on the table.

4. Mix your mortar

You can pick up some thin set mortar from your local hardware store.

Or you could shoot for some specialised mosaic adhesive from a local arts and crafts store.

Mix up your mortar following the instructions on the bag and spread it over the table with a towel in a smooth, even layer.

5. Get sticking!

This is the fun part!

Now that you have your pattern and table prepared, you can go ahead and start sticking down the pieces!

Just take the tile from your paper pattern and put it in the same spot on the table until you’ve transferred over every piece.

This is a great time to get the kids involved too, it’s that easy!

Wipe away any excess mortar that creeps up onto the tiles with a wet sponge as you go.

It’s much easier to clean off the concrete when it’s wet rather than letting it dry.

6. Finish it off

Once your mosaic is set, grout between the tiles, wiping away excess grout as you go.

It will take a few days for the grouting to set, so keep your table in a dry area.

Once the grout is solid, coat the tabletop with a sealant to protect the tiles from water damage.

There you have it – your own perfect masterpiece that will add a special touch to your backyard entertaining area!

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