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8 One-of-a-Kind Raised Garden Beds

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Raised garden bed designs

With backyards getting smaller and self-sustainable gardens building popularity, raised garden beds are really gaining ground (literally and figuratively!) in the Aussie backyard.

There are good reasons why.

Raising your garden improves soil drainage and temperature, limits erosion, and gives you much easier access to tend to your plants (a massive bonus if you’re uprooting your home-grown veggies!).

There are some pretty standard – but no less beautiful – raised garden bed designs out there (including these from Birdies), incorporating rock, brick, concrete, or rot-resistant lumber.

But here a few of the more unique DIY garden bed ideas you can try in your backyard:

1. Animal troughs

A cheap and easy alternative to the generic raised garden bed materials is a galvanised steel trough designed for farm animals.

It may already have drainage options; otherwise drill a few holes in the bottom before filling it with soil and plants.

8 One-of-a-Kind Raised Garden Beds - Animal troughs, Australian Outdoor Living.
Animal troughs.

2. Disused wheelbarrows

The wheelbarrow is your most useful backyard implement – until the wheel punctures or the steel erodes.

8 One-of-a-Kind Raised Garden Beds - Disused Wheelbarrows, Australian Outdoor Living.
Disused wheelbarrows.

But that’s no reason to discard it on the nature strip.

Here’s what you could do with it instead:

3. Old tyres

The same goes for tyres.

You could toss them in the tip.

Or you could paint them, stack them, fill their interior with dirt, and create original, upcycled raised garden beds full of Australian natives.

Click here for more Australian Native Garden design ideas.

8 One-of-a-Kind Raised Garden Beds - Old tyres, Australian Outdoor Living.
Old tyres.

Image via Instructables

Instructables has handy DIY instructions for making tyre garden beds.

4. Discarded dressers

You invest a lot of money in a quality dressing table, which makes it a shame to throw away when excessive wear and tear finally claims it.

Turning the drawers into multiple garden containers is about as creative as a repurposing project can get!

You can just upcycle the drawers, or go the whole hog, as Tracy from Hub Pages did.

Make sure your dresser is made of a solid wood – not plywood or an equally flimsy material that’s only going to erode quickly when exposed to the elements.

8 One-of-a-Kind Raised Garden Beds - Discarded dressers, Australian Outdoor Living.
Discarded dressers.

Image via Hub Pages

5. Wood offcuts

If you like the natural appearance of lumber and are looking for a unique look, how about trying this natural twig-and-branch design?

8 One-of-a-Kind Raised Garden Beds - Wood Offcuts, Australian Outdoor Living.
Wood offcuts.

Image via Instructables

It may be fiddly work, but we think it looks pretty amazing.

Find out how to build this yourself at Instructables.

6. Burlap sacks

Burlap sacks are super cheap and make great organic-looking raised beds.

They’re ideal for small gardens or balconies where you haven’t got much room to play with.

Just make sure you put the bags into place before you fill them with soil – they’re heavier than they look!

8 One-of-a-Kind Raised Garden Beds - Burlap sacks, Australian Outdoor Living.
Burlap sacks.

Image via The Coupon Project

Check out The Coupon Project for more tips and instructions.

7. Bathtub

This one is really left-of-centre, but it will certainly attract attention.

The classic claw-fitted bathtub really adds a point of interest in your garden – and it works even better if the exterior is painted to match the blossoms you plan to grow.

Once again, just make sure you puncture the bottom with a few holes to enable appropriate drainage.

Pick a spot in your garden and you’re good to go!

8 One-of-a-Kind Raised Garden Beds - Bathtub garden bed, Australian Outdoor Living.
Bathtub garden bed.

Image via Garden Betty

Head to the salvage yard and you’ll find an array of interesting pieces you could turn into unusual plant beds and containers.

You can find handy DIY bathtub garden bed instructions here on Garden Betty.

8. Pallets

You can create some pretty nifty projects out of reused pallets (such as this marvellous pallet day bed).

Making a raised garden bed is just one idea of many.

We love this idea by

Simply lay the pallet sideways and fill the rows with good quality topsoil and compost.

You can designate a different vegetable crop to each row, which makes for really easy harvesting!

8 One-of-a-Kind Raised Garden Beds - Pallets garden bed, Australian Outdoor Living.
Pallets garden bed.

Image via

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