The Best Outdoor Shade Fabric for Your Blinds

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Choosing the right shade fabric for your outdoor blinds

So you finally have that house with the beautiful views across your backyard.

You want to make the most of it, but you feel exposed sitting outside – especially if you have those nosy “peeping-over-the fence” type neighbours!

And that means you want the best outdoor shade blinds you can find to keep out those pesky peekers.

Outdoor blinds allow you to continue to enjoy the beautiful view from your veranda, pergola or deck whilst enjoying almost complete privacy.

They’re designed so you can see out, but it’s hard for others to see in.

The best outdoor blinds provide shelter from the (at times) turbulent Aussie weather and minimise glare and heat while creating a new area in your home for socialising and kicking back with a glass of wine or an icy-cold beer or soft drink.

The Best Outdoor Shade Fabric for Your Blinds - Choosing the right shade fabric for your Outdoor Blinds, Australian Outdoor Living.
The best outdoor shade fabric for your blinds.

The best outdoor blinds for aussie conditions

Australia can have a pretty harsh climate, with a blistering sun that can do damage to lesser outdoor shade blind fabrics.

So the best blinds for us will naturally be designed with the Australian climate in mind.

For this reason, it’s best you search for an outdoor blind shade fabric that has been designed and made in Australia.

Australian Outdoor Living’s outdoor blinds, for example, are all custom made in a purpose built factory in Regency Park, SA.

These outdoor blinds are manufactured exclusively for Australian Outdoor Living.

And if that doesn’t comfort you, we’ve conducted serious product testing and market research to ensure the product we supply is of the highest quality.

We want to ensure we supply some of the best outdoor blinds on the market.

When looking for the best outdoor shade blinds, you’re after two features.

The first is an in-built system that keeps the blinds taut.

Our Classic Series Blinds, for example, operate via a pre-tensioned outdoor blinds system that ensures they maintain their shape, with minimal sagging and no unsightly zips, ropes or pulleys.

This keeps your blinds rigid and looking good.

Secondly, you want a simple but neat winding mechanism, ideally without pulleys, straps or ropes that can interfere with your view.

Our Classic Series’ winding mechanism is clean looking and easy to use, helping you control the tension in your blinds and minimising warping, sagging and flapping in the wind.

… Of course if you are really wanting to take your outdoor area to the ‘next level’ you may be more interested in the very cool, very sophisticated Motion Series.

There are a couple of different options available if you’re considering Motion – the motorised guide track system or the manual guide track system.

Motorised guide track means you can control the level of the patio blinds at the touch of a button whilst manual guide track uses the same system.

Both of these boast complete coverage and environmental comfort control.

They’re crisp, they’re neat, they certainly do the job and look good all the while!

The Best Outdoor Shade Fabric for Your Blinds - The Best Outdoor Blinds for Aussie Conditions, Australian Outdoor Living.
The best outdoor blinds for aussie conditions.

Outdoor shade fabric featuring a mesh weave

The right outdoor blind shade fabric plays a crucial role in creating a versatile blind made to last under a strong antipodean sun.

Our Bella Vista shade blinds, for example, are coated in PVC to minimise common outdoor stains (like small gifts from our feathered friends!).

Don’t forget; the stronger the blind, the longer the durability!

Shade materials should include a mesh fabric intended specifically for outdoor application.

Australian Outdoor Living’s range of shade blinds use a unique open weave that leaves specially-designed, fine pinholes in the material.

These outdoor mesh blinds allow you to maintain your view, even when the blinds are fully wound down.

The pinholes in the woven mesh fabric also create a light, airy feel.

The fabric filters the heat and light so that air flow is still able to pass through the blinds, keeping the interior cool by preventing stale hot air from becoming trapped.

These fine pin-holes also help to minimise the chill and impact when wind starts to pick up.

These outdoor blinds allow for the best of both worlds!

The best shade blind fabrics also include as few stitches as possible.

Stitches have a greater chance of disintegrating under harsh UV rays, which in turn shortens the life span of your blinds.

Because of this, we use wider rolls of fabric wherever possible.

Our Bella Vista shade blinds can span up to five metres.

Having wider fabrics means less need for joins and a longer-lasting and more attractive blind.

The Best Outdoor Shade Fabric for Your Blinds - Outdoor blinds that suit your needs, Australian Outdoor Living.
Outdoor blinds that suit your needs.

The best blinds for your needs

A quality shade blind should be designed to last and tailored to meet the needs of the local climate.

The woven mesh material used for Bella Vista shade blinds combines the highest quality fabric with the need to balance airflow and maintain outside views.

At Australian Outdoor Living, our entire product line is made from premium materials and parts – across our shade blinds range, PVC blinds range and the rest of our outdoor home improvement range.

Providing a personalised service, we go out of our way to keep the choosing, purchasing and installation process seamless and simple.

A great view is there to be admired.

It would be a shame not to make the most of your own bit of the outdoors because of a lack of privacy or shade.

With the Australian Outdoor Living range of shade blinds, you no longer have to compromise.

Once you’ve installed your blinds, all that’s left is for you to sit back, relax and enjoy your views in the comfort of your own personal outdoor space.

Ready to renovate?

Australian Outdoor Living is passionate about helping people love their life outdoors. We offer a range of products, including:

Have you been thinking about renovating your home? Fill out the free measure and quote form at the top of this article and a member of our dedicated sales team will be in touch.


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