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Create an Ambient Indoor Temperature for You and Your family with Aluminium Shutters.

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Control the temperature inside your home with roller shutters 

Whether we like it or not, the Australian climate is changing (pardon the pun).

Our summer is hotter and the Aussie winter chill is, yes you guessed it, chillier!

Fight back against the Aussie elements and create an ambient temperature for your home and family with the installation of aluminium shutters.

Your defence against climate change

“The ice caps are melting!” “Our sun is getting hotter by the day!” Climate change, or the changing face of the global climate is a problem that affects us all and is being felt across the world.

The current Climate Change Crisis has been attributed to global economic and industrial growth over the past fifty years or so.

Greenhouse gas emissions into the Earth’s atmosphere have escalated, resulting in raised climatic temperatures and changed weather patterns.

Specifically, Australians are experiencing more dynamic seasons.

Our summers are hotter and our winter has become colder.

But in the scale of evolution, climate change is a recent phenomenon, meaning our bodies have not yet adapted to the changes of the environment around us.

Hence, in order to make the most of this climate-conscious problem, we need to adapt our home and living space for optimal comfort.

Create an Ambient Indoor Temperature for You and Your family with Roller Shutters - Roller shutters for ambient indoor temperature, Australian Outdoor Living.
Aluminium shutters for ambient indoor temperature.

Comfort in all seasons

A healthy human body has an internal temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.

So to complement our biology, the ideal room temperature for optimal living and personal comfort is 23 degrees Celsius.

When our body is at a comfortable temperature, our emotions are settled, our mind alert and we can make the most of our time! It makes sense to want our home to be as comfortable as possible for our own enjoyment, and that of our family.

Sweating indoors in the sweltering Aussie Summer heat, or feeling the chill factor of winter is not a pleasant thing.

When we are at home, we are in Our Space.

It is where we can unwind and truly be ourselves.

According to many, it is when we are at our very best.

Hence, we want our home to provide us with optimal living conditions in every season, and for this you need to have a regulated, comfortable temperature inside.

Aluminium shutters effectively regulate and control the temperature of your home.

At Australian Outdoor Living, our shutters boast unique, world-class design.

The interlocking panels of our shutters act as an external barrier from the harsh Aussie elements to bulletproof you and your family from discomfort and enhance the inside living area.

We have all experienced it, gasping for cool relief in those searing hot summer months.

When your house is left out to bake in the summer sun and before long is more like a giant sauna, rather than a place to call home.

At Australian Outdoor Living, we don’t think it should be this way!

Proven to keep as much as 90% of unpleasant heat out of your home, our aluminium shutters are your defence against the Australian summer heat!

Likewise, in those wintery months aluminium shutters insulate your living space, keeping up to 70% of the indoor warmth in!

Create an Ambient Indoor Temperature for You and Your family with Roller Shutters - Roller Shutters can keep the heat out of your house during the warmer summer nights, Australian Outdoor Living.
Aluminium shutters can keep the heat out of your house during the warmer summer nights.

A budget-friendly seasonal saviour

If you are a homeowner, and even more so if you have a family of your own, you will have noticed the ever-increasing cost of gas, electricity and other bills.

We are very lucky to live in Australia, but the cost of living is high.

And to live with optimal comfort is another story altogether!

Over the summer months and throughout the winter weather, we often use air conditioning and heating to regulate the inside temperature.

With an absent mind, we flick the heating or cooling on. Sometimes we might forget to turn it off at night!

But who are we to blame?

We are only human and humans like to live in comfort.

However, blame ourselves we might when the monthly bill is delivered to our letterbox.

Heating and cooling your home is costly! But here’s an idea, what if you could regulate the temperature of your home without gas or electricity and live in comfort expense free!?

Roller shutters are a smart choice for the Australian homeowner who is on a budget.

When you have a family, or are a bigger picture in mind, you want to make home improvement choices to serve you in the long term.

Although initial installation costs may exceed that of a heating or cooling device, roller shutters are the cost-effective choice.

Roller shutters have been proven to reduce the use of heating and cooling by as much as 33%.

This reduction has a trickledown effect, with power bills shrinking by as much as $100 every month.

Add up this accumulative cost over many months and you will have saved yourself enough for a family holiday, or private school fees.

Read here for a step by step guide on how to purchase a new set of roller shutters, or find out how aluminium shutters insulate your home.

Roller shutters in your home

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