How to Accentuate Spring Colours in Your Verandah Décor

Dress up your verandah with spring colours 

Spring is a season of colours, as we all know.

It’s the time the green buds appear on the trees, new leaves unfurling for another season.

It’s the time petals appear, adding a splash of subtle colour to your garden.

Spring is so inspiring.; it’s a time we love to bring the outdoors into our living spaces.

And the verandah is the ideal place to make a seamless transition between your spring backyard and your freshly-aired indoors.

How can you make that space as symbiotic between indoors and outdoors as possible?

How can you bring together the pastel hues of a spring garden and the darker interior of your home?

With a splash of spring colour, of course.

Here are just a few ideas on how you can mimic the spring feel of your backyard on your verandah.

How to Accentuate Spring Colours in Your Verandah Décor - Dress up Your Verandah with Spring Colours, Australian Outdoor Living.  
Dress up your verandah with spring colours.

Don’t neglect the pot plants

If ever there were a time to festoon your verandah with flowers, it’s now!

Spring is all about new blooms, which are great to pluck from the garden and transport into vases and pot plants on your verandah.

Just as autumn is all about warm colours – the fiery reds, oranges and yellows of falling leaves – spring also has a colour palette.

This is a season of new birth.

Softer colours, such as those you would paint on the walls of a newborn’s room, are typical of spring.

Pastels are the way to go this season.

Pastel pink roses, purple lavenders, white calla lilies, and sugary hydrangeas are all bound to complement the springtime backyard.

But while flowers are the first step to introducing spring colours to your verandah, they cannot work on their own to make you and your guests feel that summer is approaching.

There are other ways to add the spring touch.

Add soft fabrics

How to Accentuate Spring Colours in Your Verandah Décor - Add soft fabrics to your Verandah, Australian Outdoor Living.
Add soft fabrics to your verandah.

Photo Credit: Paisley patches (coming and going) via Compfight cc

Spring brings with it an elegant breeze, warmer than the harsh winter frost, but still fresh and crisp.

The temperate climate will lull you into a sense of security outdoors, but there are ways you can accentuate that freshness – with fabrics.

Sticking with the sugary shades of spring, introduce light and breezy fabrics to your verandah that will give it a fresh, uplifting feel.

Select creamy white fabrics to hang as curtains from the verandah beams.

Each time the wind blows through, the curtains will sway gently, coaxingly and you’ll know spring has come.

For the same effect, you can string mosquito nets around any outdoor lounge set.

But spring’s also a time to freshen up the upholstery or cushion covers you have on your outdoor furniture.

It’s likely that with a soggy winter just ended, these fabrics are probably due an update, looking faded and maybe even mouldy with a few months of ill-usage.

Time to replace them!

Be inspired by the spring colours in your backyard, whether it’s the pastel green, butter yellow, or Jacaranda purple that stands out most.

Icy pastels are fitting for a spring-inspired verandah, but make sure they match the surrounding décor, plants, and furniture.

You may even want to consider some spring decorations, such as burlap or cotton bunting strung between the rafters of your verandah.

Add a rustic rattan mat to complete the image.

Add a rustic touch

How to Accentuate Spring Colours in Your Verandah Décor - Add Rustic Touch to Your Verandah, Australian Outdoor Living.
Add rustic touch to your verandah.

What better to go with the baby blush colours than some colours that evoke age?

Spring colours can even be incorporated into your verandah furniture.

But adding a rustic touch is a great way to counteract the peaches and lemon-sorbet yellows while giving your verandah greater depth and personality.

How can you invoke a rustic look? Easy.

So much furniture today evokes an earlier, simpler period using whitewashed or wicker (or both!) furniture and iron ornamentations.

The whitewashed look blends perfectly with the more laid-back spring hues.

Combine it with wickerwork and you’ll have light, bright and airy verandah décor in no time at all.

You can even DIY by picking up dishevelled wicker furniture from garage sales and vintage stores and whitewashing them yourself.

Make sure you place your colourful flowers near the wickerwork.

The colours will stand out better while the décor remains simplistic.

Finally, rustic ironwork adds just a dash of black that can be very effective on a pastel palette.

A lot of outdoors whitewashed furniture now includes iron ornamentation in the legs or as doorknobs.

And finally, don’t forget that spring isn’t just about the days warming up – they’re getting longer too.

You’ll probably find yourself sitting outside enjoying the twilight hours far more.

Add a bit of magic with a sprinkling of fairy lights, whose soft glow will complete the spring-coloured décor.

To top the image off, don’t forget to brew yourself a warm tea and supply a soft outdoor rug to wrap yourself up in.

Those nights do still get cold sometimes.

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