Will Having Roller Shutters Improve My Electricity Bill?

Recently, there has been raised concern about the cost of electricity and other energy sources. A $50 note is taking less and less time to spend thanks to an increasing cost of living.

After some quick number crunching with the help of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it’s fair to say you’re not going to like what you see!

According to a press release by the ABS in September, Aussies are consuming 25% more electricity and 22% more gas than they were 10 years ago. Switch off those lights now! In line with this is the rising cost of electricity – brace yourself! In the five years prior to the June quarter of 2012, the cost of electricity rose by a shocking 72% while other household energy sources rose by 42%.

And breathe! On average we spend $32 per week on electricity, gas, heating oil and wood, which is $5 more than the same time in 2003. This adds up to a heart-stopping $1664 per year and this is just an average – your bill could be much higher depending on your needs.

Before sweeping across the house turning everything off and living by candlelight, consider this: roller shutters can save up to 33% of your energy due to their insulation properties.

During those hot summer months, we don’t like to do much except turn on the air conditioner. Would you like me to go over those energy prices again? Roller shutters are great at blocking heat and light and in turn making it more pleasant during summer. While we humans can’t see in the dark, if nobody is using a particular room, it’s a good idea to roll the shutters down to keep the room cooler. Put your air con remote control down!

If we flip the coin and consider the colder winter months when the heater is blasting, roller shutters have the same effect as in summer. This time however, shutters keep the heat in while the cold stays outside. Heaters are a thing of the past!

AOL’s roller shutters are reliable and effortless to operate. They’re made from the highest quality aluminium (the thickest on the market I might add!). We also offer a 6 year guarantee on the motor and the shutters are available in manual, remote controlled and solar options.

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